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Come and stay at the Tourist Farm Hlebec!

Welcome to the wild, wild East!

Amongst fresh green rolling hills nestled with cottages, there is one very special big house, almost a manor. It opens its door wide to curious tourists – the Hlebec Tourist Farm.

Come and stay at the Tourist Farm Hlebec!

What is all this fuss about the Hlebec Tourist farm?

If you are interested in amazing walks, cycling or riding a horse amongst the hills, if you like to swim in a spa and if you adore good wine and authentic home produced and cooked food, this is just the right address for you. People in this part of Slovenia are well known for their hospitality. They will welcome you kindly, feed you so much that your breath will be taken away, and they will pour you their excellent quality domestic wine. Na zdravje! .

Come and stay at the Tourist Farm Hlebec!

Where is this slice of viniculture heaven?

If you look at a map of Kmetija Hlebec on the internet, it might look like it's impossible to reach, but when you arrive at Ormož, the signs will lead you undoubtedly directly to the farm.
The house itself has 7 guest rooms each with a clean and practical bathroom. In the room there is a quality bed waiting for you, wardrobes and TV set. Certainly there is more than enough towels and extra blankets. Some rooms are connected to a large terrace with beautiful views. In those rooms, sun and bird-song will wake you in the morning. The little kitchen is available for every guest, but with the offer of tasty home made food you will not even think to use it. By all means, you must taste the amazing wine collection. I can promise you that you will not want to leave without a few bottles in your luggage.

Come and stay at the Tourist Farm Hlebec!

Come alive at the Hlebec!

Kmetija Hlebec is not a place where you can stay inside. The surroundings offer amazing views, tranquillity, roads and footpaths that will tempt you to explore. On the farm you may rent a bicycle or a scooter and the nearest neighbour also offers horse riding. In the surrounding area there are many thermal springs with swimming pools, toboggan slides, tennis courts and everything else you might need for a fun holiday. Besides all that, every summer the farm organises an artistic colony from the 1st to the 7th of August. It has left a strong influence at the farm. The 15th of August you could be present at building a traditional "klopotec", a bird deterring device. In autumn you are invited to assist at the grape harvest and later on you could join them for St. Martin's day, a feast day, when grape juice turns to wine. In a word, every season brings something interesting.

Sounds too good to be true…

Come and stay at the Tourist Farm Hlebec!

Perhaps my evaluation looks like paid advertising, but I promise you, it is not. I left the farm Hlebec entirely fascinated. It might help you to understand how charming this landscape is and how pleasant those people are if I tell you that a lot of British people came to this part of Slovenia as curious tourists and then stayed forever… Now its your turn!

Book now!

The Hlebec is waiting for your booking now! Don’t forget to mention that told you all about it! Review kindly provided by Eva Prezelj. Photos by Melita

We were so looking forward to reach this hidden gem (Hlebec) in this wine area. I wouldn't never reach to know about the existence of this “turisticna kmetija” without the suggestion of Greg & Rona. It completely met and exceeded our expectations!!! In the area is so nice to drive or bike around, is a Slovenian Tuscany... Even if its far away (and kind in the middle of nowhere) I can't wait the moment when I can go back there again, with friends this time... The unwanted time arrived: leaving... originally we wanted to stay more time but they were already fully booked since months ago; I was secretly hoping a last minute cancellation of those booked but never happened so had to leave, so sorry to leave...
Adrianna (Italy)

Hlebec too is a vineyard. We decided to have our dinner at the accommodation since it looked like a nice place. Dinner was alfresco style, outside the accommodations. Above the dining area were overhanging vines with bunches of grapes. With the sun setting, it gave a very nice ambience, very romantic! The food servings were very generous. In fact, we had too much to eat. They served the best Potica there. We tried a few different varieties during the few days that we stayed.
Patricia (Singapore)

Yes we are back and we had a great time. Our trip was one the best vacations we've ever had, and part of the thanks must go to you at SFY. The visit to Hlebec was wonderful. They were all so nice, and the wine and food were wonderful!
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