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Eva reviews her visit to the
Hostel Celica, Ljubljana!

Author: Eva Prezelj

Hi, It's Eva here reporting for!

On a cold winter's night, I've spent some interesting hours at the Hostel Celica (former prison) and had a very hot night! I spent a night in one of cells but they also have ordinary rooms too.

The cell i stayed in had a bed just under the ceiling and that was the reason that the night was so hot. The central heating was in action all night long, it was about 23°C in the room, under the ceiling about 30... my husband and I fell asleep and did not remember to turn the heating off. :D

But never the less, the room is very lovely and practical. Although it is small, it has all the equipment needed. The mattress and the pillow are good quality, the bedding is clean, new and made of pure cotton. We also got 4 nice, clean and soft towels.

For the whole floor there are two bathrooms, one for women, one for men. It has 3 WC boxes, 3 shower cabins and 2 x 3 basins. It has two hand dryers and two hair dryers. On the second floor (attic), there are ordinary rooms, but bigger, for 4 or 7 persons. Each one has a separate bathroom with WC, and shower. There is also a small kitchen for guests, with microwave, cooker, sink and dishes. Also there is a room with a washing machine and dryer, which you must pay extra to use.

On the ground floor there is a 3-bedded room for disabled people with separate bathroom. It has all equipment needed and it is specially designed for this reason. Also on the ground floor is the entry to the hostel, restaurant, bar, gallery, garden, conference room (designed for wheelchair access, so, I can say it is a disabled people friendly hostel!)

Pets are not allowed and for babies they don't have any special amenities, like a nursing room or play room, safety bed/cots or taller chairs at the table. Well, it is a hostel...:D

On the first floor there is an oratory or meditating room, it has requisites (books, crucifixes, statues...), needed for nearly every major religion. In the attic is an opened place for gathering. On the ground floor there is also a gallery.

They offer a self-serve breakfast, lunch (not Saturdays and Sundays, but the kitchen is open and food can be ordered) until 1800 hours. After that pizza or sandwiches are available (microwaved).

I only had breakfast on this visit - it was quite the usual offer with various cereals, eggs, salami, yoghurt, coffee, tea, juice...
the Coffee is really good. :)

In the bar they have some nice cocktails, various beers, some good wines, and short drinks also. The red wine was not cold, which made me glad, because in the most average restaurants in Slovenia the white and red wines have the same temperature. ;)

Guests are mostly younger, from 15 to 35 years old. But there are also a lot of artists, young families and so on. They have local visitors from the town also, because they have a lot of exhibitions, concerts and other events going on.

I have to say, I got a very nice and friendly reception. In the morning I had a meeting with the manager/director Mr Juvan. I told him that were very keen to build a solid relationship with the Hostel Celica and looked forward to seeing their new website which will be evolving over the next year!

We had an interesting evening as every Sunday there is a shisha party. For a few euros you can get a shisha with tobacco and a choice of aromas (apple, mixed fruit....). It only can be smoked in an East room. (They have East and West rooms. West room is the restaurant, East room is a room, which is a part of that restaurant and is furnished in an oriental way).

So, I must leave you now until my next adventure. I hope you've enjoyed my review and you really have to come and see the Hostel Celica if you are visiting Ljubljana!
best regards, Eva

Why stay at the Celica? - It is an unique experience, a former prison where the cells have been refurbished using the services of different artists. Being a hostel it is frequented by a younger crowd and it is situated in the alternative Metelkova area of Ljubljana. It won't be to everyone's taste but travel is all about unique experiences so come and have a look!

The Hostel Celica is located only minutes from the train and bus station in central Ljubljana and walking distance to everything else.
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