Hiking - The guide to where, when and how in Slovenia
Slovenia's raw natural beauty and the Slovenes love of the outdoors means that hiking is one of most popular pastimes in Slovenia.

The country is criss-crossed by over 10,000km of marked walking trails and locals and visitors alike enjoy heading for the hills in order to escape the hustle and bustle of normal life and to recharge their batteries.

In our opinion, there is no better place to do this than in Slovenia. The country offers amazing regional changes in landscape which always makes the job of exploring new trails an exciting prospect. Contact SFY if you have any hiking queries!

Hiking trails are all marked with route markings which consist of a red circle with a white centre.
At departure points, the grade of each trail is designated by a red triangle for hard trails and a red triangle with exclamation mark for extremely hard trails. Easy trails have no grading.

Many routes start and end at designated hotels who specialise in providing accommodation, equipment and information for hikers.
When in the high mountains, hikers can often spend summer nights at mountain huts which are spread out at various intervals along the trail.
Apart from the high mountains, hiking can be undertaken virtually year round. Mountain trails are best tackled in summer and autumn when the weather is the most stable.

When obtaining your hiking route maps, you will see that it is possible to merge with trails leading all over the country so you can virtually hike from one end to the other. Slovenia is also smack bang in the middle of the European E6 and E7 Walking Route which span the continent.

The Julian Alps (North-West)
Most people seeking outdoor activities obviously head for the Julian Alps first. The mountains offer adventure sports, hiking, fishing, skiing and cycling amongst other things.
Places like Bovec, Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gora offer great stating points for hikes in all directions. If you are an experienced hiker, the climb to Mount Triglav (the highest peak) is the pinnacle at 2864 metres.
Others will enjoy trails around Bovec and down to the gorges of Tolmin in the Soca Valley.

Central West (West)
The area around Idrija and Cerkno offer rugged and often quite steep trails but the scenery and serenity is your reward.

Slovenian Istria (South-West)
The coastal region offers it own spectacular views of the Adriatic and charming hilltop villages as you meander inland.

The Savinja Alps (North-West\Central North)
The Alps from Jezero across to the Logarska Dolina offer more unbelievably beautiful scenery with the Logarska Dolina said to be most beautiful valley in the country (and we agree!).
Hikers are again faced with the difficult task of choosing where to hike as the choice is endless.
The trails at Jezero offer more unspoilt beauty. Further south at Velika Planina and Krvavec, hikers are invited to taste cheese and the famous farmers sour milk as they mingle with cows in the alpine meadows.
Logarska Dolina is drop dead gorgeous and offers easy to extremely difficult trails heading up into the mountains. Another photoraphers paradise!

Posavje Hills (Central)
The area around Litija and Lasko offer more great hiking amongst forests teaming with berries and fresh water streams.

Dolenjska (Central South)
The area around Novo Mesto and the mighty Krka offer more great hiking. This is brown bear and lynx country so be on the lookout for the various wildlife around every turn!

Eastern Posaje (South-East)
More great trails can be found here around Brezice and beyond where one can experience quaint villages and panaramic country views.

Maribor Pohorje (North-East)
The mountain ridges west of Maribor are a haven for mountain bikers, cross country skiers and hikers.
Again, there is no shortage of spectacular scenery to keep you enthralled all the way to Slovenj Gradec in the west.

Pomurje (North-East)
Tucked away in the north-east corner, the area around the vineyards of Jeruzalem and Lendava offer great cycling and hiking.