Kobarid's Top Attractions
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The beautiful town of Kobarid is 21 km south of Bovec and 9 km east of the Italian border.
15km south of Kobarid is the valley that saw one of the bloodiest conflicts of World War One.
The battle is remembered by Ernest Hemingway in his novel "A Farewell to Arms" where he describes
his account of the chaotic Italian retreat in 1917.

The town is also home to some of the best restaurants in Slovenia which are very popular with neighbouring Italians who come over to discover some of the best seafood and meat dishes in the region.

Kobarid is a great place to break a trip and is well worth spending a day to relax,
do some hiking and enjoy a vino by the Soca!
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1. Kobarid Museum

Located in the baroque-style Maser House, the Kobarid Museum is a fascinating account of the fierce battles that took place on the Soca Front during World War I and is a must-see if you are travelling anywhere near Kobarid.

The LowDown:
After entering the museum and before seeing the exhibits, visitors will be shown a twenty minute multi vision presentation detailing the battles along the Soca Front and in particular the Twelfth offensive, in which the Italian army was rousted from their mountain positions by the 14th Austro German army.

The museum is set on three floors and each room has its own theme. The visitor will see the harsh conditions which soldiers had to endure while fighting in the mountain snow and also we are shown how civilians dealt with displacement and the horrors of war through photographs and personal diary accounts. A moving experience and this museum is rated as one of the best in the region.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
All buses arriving in Kobarid stop acress from the church at Trg Svobode, the main square (which is also the location for the tourist office).
The museum is located a block north of the central square in the Maser House at Gregorciceva 10

Price List: Operating Hours:
Adults 5euros
Children 2.50euros
Students 4euros
Seniors 4euros
April-September 0900-1800
October-March 1000-1700
Kobarid is in North-West Slovenia Kobarid's WW1 Museum is a must-see.

2. The Kobarid Historical Walk

The Kobarid Historical Walk is a brilliant five kilometre trek highlighting wartime monuments, abandoned forts, bridges and natural sites.

The Low Down:
A pamphlet outlining key stops on this fantastic walk is available from the museum. At an easy pace, the walk should take anywhere from three to four hours so this is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Highlights include The Italian Charnel House (the resting place of 7,000 Italian soldiers), the ancient fortification of Tonocov Grad (a site occupied since the Stone Age), a swing bridge a the Soca Gorge, the Kozjak Waterfall and The Napoleon Bridge (a beautiful stone bridge).

Where is it \ How to get there?:
The Kobarid Historal Walk begins on the north side of the main square, Trg Svobode. Museum Staff can organise guided tours ranging from hikes of a few hours to day long treks. Prices start at round 25 euros for the guided tours, and should be arranged at least a day or two in advance.
The magnificant sight of the Napoleon Bridge on the Kobarid Historic Walk!
Courtesy of www.aliceinwonderlands.com

3. World Class Cuisine

Very few small towns in Slovenia, or any country for that matter, would be able to boast of such a fine selection of acclaimed restaurants. Popular for years with the neighbouring Italians, Kobarid's first class dining establishments are making culinary inroads that more cosmopolitan eateries in Ljubljana can only dream about. Rumour has it that Slovenia's first Michelin Star could be just around the corner in Kobarid...!

The Low Down:
Topli Val - Some have said this is Slovenia's best restaurant and the front runner for that coveted star. With owners originally from Portoroz, the speciality of the house is seafood. Octopus and cuttlefish salad (8e), Spaghetti Marinara (first course 12e), Sea Bass (main course 50e). Meat main courses include Mixed Grill (15.50e) and Fillet of Venison Kobarid Style (19e). There is also a limited selection Vegetarian dishes.

Kotlar - Having been called Topi Val's most significant rival, the Kotlar is also one of Slovenia's best seafood restaurants. They offer seafood almost exclusively from the Adriatic.

Hisa Franko - With a truly innovative menu which includes such offerings as Tortellini filled with duck confit (14e), Mountain Beef Tartar(22e) and beautifully presented desserts (8-10e), Hisa Franko will please even the most discerning gastronome. Guests also rave about their pizza!

Where is it\How to get there?:
The Topli Val and Kotlars are right in the centre of town but Hisa Franko is 2km west in a village called Stara Selo.

Courtesy of www.aliceinwonderlands.com

4. Kozjak Waterfalls

The Veliki Kozjak has been described as one of Slovenia's most picturesque waterfalls and is another must-see if you are in the Kobarid area.

The Low Down:
The Kozjak brook actually has six waterfalls, but only two are accessible to the public. Hidden in an almost cave like chamber, the water collects in an amazing turquoise coloured pool.

Where is it\How to get there?:
The Kozjak Waterfalls can either be seen on their own or as part of the Kobarid Historical Walk.
The waterfalls are accessible at the Kobarid-Dreznica Road and there is a turn-off to the falls near the Napoleon Bridge. Access to the falls is free of charge.

The amazing Kozjak Falls!