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Come and see the real Slovenia, book an experience today!
Feeling tired and rundown and looking to escape the rat-race for at least a few days?

If you're coming to Slovenia and want to immerse yourself in the local customs and traditions rather than taking a package tour, then we have a great new experience for you!

Sloveniaforyou offers you a chance to live like a local for a hands-on experience you won't forget! Recharge your batteries and discover your new favourite holiday location now!
Come and see the real Slovenia, wake up to freshly baked bread!
Come and see the real Slovenia, see craftsmen at work! Whether you have your own transport or not, spend a few days in the gorgeous Soca Valley where everything is in place to deliver an unforgettable holiday.

Imagine picking herbs to make your own delicious herbal tea or gathering local fruit to make jam and juice. Connect with the local people and nature!

Join your host Vesna in a local workshop before cycling along the mesmerising Soca River. See how the locals make cheese or sample some wine from Brda.

Vesna loves and feels every part of Slovenia and wants you to come along to enjoy something different and special. There is always something different to experience depending on the time of the year, and you can make your stay as active or peaceful as you wish. Whatever you choose to do, the emphasis is on relaxing and invigorating the mind, body and soul.
Come and see the real Slovenia, Vesna is your host and she can't wait to meet you!

The Soca River allows for swimming, rafting, hiking, cycling and a myriad of other activities. The surrounding region is rich in history, culture and stunning scenery. Stay at a local eco farm and wake to the small of freshly baked bread. Take part in local festivals and harvests or simply kick back and enjoy nature. Marvellous.

Come and see the real Slovenia. The Soca is an amazing emerald colour, come see for yourself!

Charm of Wood that lasts! - See the making of decorative wood products25 € per personRequest for Details
Healing Meadows - Find and pick healing herbs!37 € per personFebruary to November
Scented Lavender Bags - Make your own scented Lavender Bags25 € per personAll Year Round
In the hand of herbal healing Salves - Wonderful for the skin25 € per personRequest for Details
Welcome to SOAPMANIA!25 € per personRequest for Details
Along the Cherry Blossom Routes - Great Brda hike with stunning views!59 € per personAll Year Round



A 6-7 hour guided experience of everything that is amazing about the local cuisine iin the Soca Valley. Enjoy tasting the local cuisine and take in stunning alpine landscapes along the way. Experience mighty waterfalls and Soca gorges, Cute little villages and picturesque towns (Bovec, Kobarid), Get inside tips from a local living in Soca valley, Led by a local English speaking guide. How good is this! Without a doubt, this would be the highlight of any holiday to Slovenia.

Price: 300 EUR/tour 1-2 people, 400 EUR/tour 3-4 people.
When: Wednesday to Sundays.

Includes: food, guiding. Excludes transportation (you would be using your own car).


A 5-6 hours guided walk, hiking along the borders of the old iron curtain on the western side of Slovenia. Be enthralled by stories on how we lived under the Iron Curtain. Visiting the smallest museum in Europe and a unique cemetery that was divided up until the 70s.

Price: 180 EUR/tour 1-4 people.
Includes: guided walk, snack, public transportation.


Far and away the best way to experience the region to its deepest is by walk. I invite you to discover the beauties of this fairytale region with me, your licensed local guide. Hiking trails run through the unique, rich, varied and vivid nature, full of life in all four seasons. Learn about the typical trees growing in the Goriska brda. Enjoy the beautiful views of 24 bell towers which adorn the hills and villages of Brda. Observe the beautiful nature, listen to the local dialect and taste culinary delights of Brda. Dober tek and Na zdravje.

A 5-6 hours guided walk,

Price: 180 EUR/tour 1-2 people or 220 EUR/tour 2-4 people.
Includes: guided walk, tastings.

Come and discover the hidden corners of Slovenia and join in with the locals for a super holiday.
Vesna is waiting to design a holiday to meet your needs and length of stay (anytime of the year).

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