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Come and see Slovenia, let us help you plan a great holiday itinerary!

Planning an amazing holiday in Slovenia?
Not sure where to go, what to do and where to stay?
Can’t be bothered spending hours researching everything?
(It was fun at first but now its becoming a headache….)
Busy with work and just haven’t got the time to plan?

Then the SFY holiday planning service is just what you need!

First, I would like to thank 'Slovenia for you' for all of your help.
I would never have been able to have such an amazing itinerary without your help.
Slovenia far exceeded my expectations. - Ryan (USA)

What is it and how can it help me?

Holiday Itinerary Planning

First of all thanks for reading about our planning service. We get just as excited as the people we help because we can envisage ourselves having an amazing time at all the places on every planned itinerary. In the end we get great satisfaction from hearing that our guests (now friends!) had a fantastic holiday.

So where to begin? Send us the answers to the basic information required (see below) and we can set about planning a memorable holiday for you and your family. We can plan your itinerary day by day to tailor your requests and back it up with our own recommendations and knowledge.

Cost Savings

Maximise time and travel to ensure you’re not wasting valuable holiday time. Save money in the process by streamlining your itinerary to minimise costs. Do you need a car or can you use public transport? Hotel or budget hostel? We’ll do the research for you so that you can relax.


In addition we’re happy to answer any general questions you may have. Don't waste time speaking to local travel agents who haven't been to Slovenia before (or even heard of it!)

You’re spending thousands on a holiday so why not spend a few dollars more to make sure its an amazing one! You could spend hours, even days on the internet researching every individual hotel website etc. and asking your family's opinion to the point where they're fed up before you’ve even left home (don’t worry, we’ve seen it happen :). Relax and let us guide you through the options until we have a great itinerary that everyone is happy with.

What is the cost?

As you may appreciate, we will probably spend a considerable amount of time researching your exciting holiday and speaking to our service partners. To commence our service we are offering guests a flat fee charge to cover our time and effort.

Holiday Planning Service Fee: 95 €

This covers your entire consultation where we will communicate with you until we have a suitable itinerary for you.
Payment is by Paypal and is paid after we assess your inital email and you agree to proceed with the service.

Ok, how do we get started?

Get in touch with us now! Just send us the following information and we’ll get the ball rolling:

* How many people and their ages,
* What are your interests?
* Anything in particular that you want to see or do in Slovenia,
* What is your budget?
* Your arrival\departures location and dates
* Any draft itinerary you might have already started

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We are passionate about Slovenia and we're waiting to help you discover this great country.
So don’t hesitate, email us now and let the holiday spirit begin!


The trip to Slovenia was wonderful in every respect including weather, scenery and food, but especially the people who were, almost without exception, hospitable and engaging. We can comfortably say that the trip exceeded our expectations.
In summary, the trip was fabulous. In our two week stay we got to see only a portions of what Slovenia has to offer. Before we left some had suggested that a two week stay in small country might be too long but in our experience this was not at all the case.
The natural beauty and the history as well as the food and wine, but especially the people made for a wonderful holiday. We would not hesitate to recommend Slovenia as a destination.
We were very happy with the suggestions that Sloveniaforyou made regarding our itinerary including the locations to visit and sequence of the travel as well as the services for accommodations, tour guides and travel arrangements.
Leonard & Judy (Canada)

It is very pleasant to have a webpage supported by real people, we love (intelligent) humans and hate automation, so thanks for your kind and personal support and help.
Fernando & Beatriz (Colombia)

I am back in Dubai after a wonderful trip to Slovenia. Will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who is interested in visiting Slovenia - Preethi (UAE)

We LOVED your country, and we had a great trip thanks to our tours and wonderful tour guides provided. We were able to see so many wonderful things and different places. The guides were most professional, knowledgeable, and just fun to be with! I really appreciate your prompt responses to us before our trip in helping to plan our itinerary. Hopefully, we can return to Slovenia!
Beth (USA)




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