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Why should I book the Slovenia Bear Country tour?

You go on holidays to experience unforgettable moments right? Well, this is definitely one to tell your friends and family about. A unique experience to come up close to a brown bear in its natural habitat deep in the Slovenian forest. Book today!

Slovenia_Bear Country Tour

What is the cost?

199€ per person
Minimum 2 people, Minimum age is 18 years old
Price includes transfers, guidance and dinner snack at the watch hut.

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What is this experience all about?

Slovenia_Bear Country Tour
Dive into one of the rarest and still very much untouched wildlife regions in Europe. The brown bear is the king of the dense forests here and you will have a chance to take a peek into his natural habitat. This is an adventure as pristine as it gets and a zoo does not compare, so expect a great experience with our expert of the wildlife. Min. age limit is 18 years.

Slovenia_Bear Country Tour
After a short transfer from Bled, we will travel to the area south of Lake Cerknica and towards Sneznik Castle. Here you will change modes of transport to an off road vehicle. Again, keep in mind that this is the bear's natural habitat, so not being loud is much appreciated.

Slovenia_Bear Country Tour
You must also have patience, since observing the bears will be done from a special camouflaged, closed and secure watch hut and includes some hours spent inside waiting in order for the bear to approach the food set up by local hunters. The sight of a bear coming into sight is an unforgettable experience.

Don't delay, book today!

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Slovenia_Bear Country Tour

Slovenia_Bear Country Tour

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