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Dubrovnik - Kotor/Perast
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What Walking tours are available in Dubrovnik?

The Croatian islands are very popular with tourists. Book one or all 3 today!

Historic Dubrovnik Walking Tour (2 hours not including walls))
This unique tour is a combination of Konavle, Dubrovnik and Pelješac. This tour will give you thorough insight into the Dubrovnik Republic and the way people lived back in the day. The Republic was not only the Old city – there was much more to it, including the countryside, peninsula and islands surrounding the city itself. We will explore the beautiful Konavle countryside, drive around the stone walls of Dubrovnik where the nucleus of the Republic was, then drive towards the stone walls of Ston – the second longest walls in the world – before we continue onto Pelješac peninsula to finish off the journey. You will have splendid views of the island archipelago along the way – Elaphiti islands including Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. The more distant islands of Mljet, Lastovo and Korčula get a mention as well as they are important for the context of the relationship between the Republic and Venice. Learn about the rivalry between Venice and Dubrovnik. Along the way we will also stop for a bite to eat and some local wine tasting in either Konavle or Pelješac. Or why not both? Award winning wines and scrumptious local food awaits to complete the story!

Price: 78€pp (up to 15 persons) - 80.50€pp (up to 50 persons)
Click here to book!

About the War Walking Tour (4 hours including city walls)
One of the most common questions we locals get is the one about the War, in all varieties. Not the lightest of topics, but certainly one that's an important part of our history and understanding the way we live today. If this is something you are interested in then this is a tour you should definitely opt for. The Homeland War was fought between 1991. and 1995. and Dubrovnik was most affected during the first 2 years. Dubrovnik was under siege, and suffered a lot of material damage, as well as terrific human loss. Almost completely surrounded, this was the first time in recent history that the magnificent City walls served their true purpose, stopped being a symbol of freedom, and became the protectors of our beautiful city. The walls remained, but they were not able to protect everything. Numerous monuments were damaged or destroyed, many houses were burnt and thousands of people lost the roof over their heads. The brave defenders of Dubrovnik managed to prevail in the end and we rebuilt our city completely with a lot of help. Today we are able to tell you this story with looking forward instead of backwards. Find out more about this side of Dubrovnik history with us & get to know locals through the guide's stories.

Price: 107€pp + 35€pp entry city walls (up to 15 persons) - 109.50€pp + 35€pp (up to 50 persons)
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Game of Thrones Walking Tour (2.5 hours)
Valar Morghulis! Even if you are not a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, you definitely know about the show, and if you are visiting Dubrovnik, you probably know it was filmed here. Not only filmed – Dubrovnik is the very centre of the story, King's Landing, the capital of the Seven kingdoms. From the second season on, every season was filmed here indeed. You can only imagine how many stories we have to tell you about the locations, characters, actors etc. We will do our best to explain all of that, by following the footsteps of the characters through the city. Enter the great Red keep where the wildfire destroyed Stannis' navy, have a look at the entrance of Littlefinger's brothel, walk the same walk as Cersei did for her walk of shame. Other than being King's Landing, some parts of Dubrovnik were used for Essos as well – such as Qarth!

Price: 93€pp + 20€pp entry fees (up to 15 persons) - 95.50€pp + 20€pp entry fees (up to 50 persons)
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How do we book?

Simply email us your details:
tourname, date, number of people, pick up address and mobile number.
We will get back to you quickly with a quote and availability!

What island tours are available in Dubrovnik?

The Croatian islands are very popular with tourists. Book one or all 3 today!

Beach day on the Elafiti Islands
Beach day! Who wants to have golden sun tan and enviable images while having the ultimate boat experience? The most popular tour, first stop after meeting the captain is going to be a secluded hidden rocky beach. This beach is locally known as the most romantic beach, because of its hard to find location, shape like a heart and shallow clear water. Island Šipan is your next destination, so the ride does not take long. At the island we are going to let you enjoy one more secluded beach, and you will be able to enjoy one of the best seafood lunches! The restaurant is made on a beach with wooden bungalows to separate each guest while the sun is gazing and the calming sounds of the sea is whispering from beneath you. The last stop of this one day trip is island Lopud and its famous sandy beach Šunj. This one of a kind pebble beach is unique in more than one way, especially because it is one of the few not rocky beaches in the area. The sea level is pretty shallow for more than 100 meters from the shore and in that way the best beach to soak up the sun while lying in this shallow beach. When the sun starts to set you will be near the starting port, on your way back feel free to lay back, take a drink and scroll down all the amazing pictures & moments you have experienced.

DETAILS: Half day (0900-1300/1400-1800) or Full day available (1000-1800)
Price: Depends on type of boat you book - starts from 429€ total for Marlin 4 person.
6 and 8 person boats available plus luxury 10 person yachts. Enquire for price to suit your needs.

Click here to book!

Mljet – Odyssey’s island
Let’s start from the beginning; this island is amazing for its marine life, two salted lakes, monastery, famous red and white wine, goat cheese, island in a lake, national park… do you really need more? Mljet swimming time! It is one of the largest islands on Adriatic coast and Mediterranean forest covers the whole island. Two lakes Veliko (Eng. Big) and Malo (Eng. Small) lakes are best places for a swim! Island Mljet offers numerous pebble beaches and spots to explore the depth. So grab your snorkelling gear from the boat and dive in!

Are you familiar with a story about Greek hero named Odyssey? You must have at least heard about it, and his 10 year journey from the war at Troy back home to Ithaca to his wife and son, who already thought he was dead. Well, on that journey he shipwrecked at the island and stayed trapped. Now it gets interesting, remember (again from the Greek mythology) one nymph called Calypso? She ruled the island and Odyssey was in trouble as he ended up in her cave. The cave is reachable by land, however the stairs going down are very steep, also you are on a boat don’t forget! Set sail to this natural phenomena, the sunlight around noon creates mesmerizing spectrum of blue colours in the sea inside the Odyssey's cave.

DETAILS: Full day (0900-1800)
Price: Depends on type of boat you book - starts from 825€ total for Marlin 8 person.
6 and 8 person boats available plus luxury 10 person yachts. Enquire for price to suit your needs.

Click here to book!

Following Marco Polo steps to Korčula
Have you heard of Marco Polo? Korčula Island is allegedly the birthplace of this famous adventurer. As matter of fact, there is a Marco Polo birth house on the island. Although not verified we know for sure that he did actually spend quite some time on the island.

Korčula Island offers a lot; from adventures such as buggies to follow the route across the island to mesmerizing beaches and caves and do not forget about the wine! Locals from the island have been making some amazing wine through the years. The town of Korčula is amazing, little Dubrovnik as some like to call it. Its massive walls and tower will not disappoint + all the stories the town holds are just enough teasers for taking this boat day trip right now! Just wait till you see two medieval city gates, one from the seaside and one from the land, both will leave you speechless. Hop on board and enjoy Korčula island and town for a day, it will be worth it as this is the fastest and best way to visit the island from Dubrovnik for a day.

DETAILS: Full day (0900-1800)
Price: Depends on type of boat you book - starts from 935€ total for Marlin 8 person.
6 and 8 person boats available plus luxury 10 person yachts. Enquire for price to suit your needs.

Click here to book!

How do we book?

Simply email us your details:
tourname, date, number of people, pick up address and mobile number.
We will get back to you quickly with a quote and availability!


Why book this exciting trip to Bosnia?

Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the most surprising countries that survived years and years of bad things happening and still managed to preserve the architecture and culture. This is the country you will be meeting today and the places you will be meeting are: Kravice waterfalls and Mostar town. Kravice Falls - This waterfall is protected by the government. Around 25 meters in high and separated in 20 different falls. There is only one wooden cafe for refreshment which fits into the nature surrounding the waterfall. There is a natural grotto nearby and an old mill with a sailing ship that are quite an attraction.

Don’t get to comfy as you are moving on to the next destination – Town of Mostar. This cultural and touristic centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly famous for the old bridge. The whole town was built around it, and beneath the bridge flows the river Neretva. Why is that bridge so famous that the whole town is known mostly for it? Well the long story will be told by your guide, the short version is this : there was a civil war not that long ago, from 1992 up until 1995. The city itself suffered terrible devastation, but the most of the devastation took – you guessed it – the bridge which has since been rebuilt. Amazing day!

What is the cost?

Private trip - can be booked for any day with our partner.
from 360€ per tour (up to 4 per car or 8 people per van)
Price includes modern vehicle, English speaking driver, local guide

How do we book?

Simply email us your details:
date, number of people, pick up address and mobile number.
We will get back to you quickly with a quote and availability!


Why book this exciting trip to Montenegro?

Kotor, a small picturesque town on the coast has it all, the beaches, the food, the monuments, the amazing spots to see. Kotor is situated perfectly for becoming the sailors and traders city in the bay of the same name. On one side there is a crystal clear blue sea, on the other medieval walls and architecture and if you look up you will see the Mountain Lovcen and the greenery that surrounds it. Lunch time!! You'll get to have a sit in one of Kotor's local gems, on the water, overlooking the whole Old Town of Kotor while having a delicious lunch.

Now, you're ready for Perast the town located in the Kotor bay – 15 minutes by car away from Kotor town. Hop in a small boat and take a quick ride to the island Our Lady of the Rocks. Yes, we reached the point that everybody wants to see and take a picture of. The whole story you will get from your guide, we'll not reveal everything. Let there be a bit of mystery. It is one of the most beautiful places for you to visit, especially if you are in Perast already. The second spot to see is the natural island of Saint George with the same named monastery. It is famous for the graveyard of the old noble families that once ruled the Kotor bay. Okay, now is the time for you to opt for this day trip! Option to visit Budva as well!

What is the cost?

Private trip - can be booked for any day with our partner.
from 315€ per tour (up to 4 per car or 8 people per van)

How do we book?

Simply email us your details:
tourname, date, number of people, pick up address and mobile number.
We will get back to you quickly with a quote and availability!


Why book one of these great workshops?

Women’s identity - embroidery in Konavle
Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn and also incorporate other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. The production of silk yarn is something Konavle region has been known for centuries. Each embroidery is different and presents wealth, tailoring and in a way the personality of the maker. You will have a private guided presentation of making silk and jewellery that is still to this day very popular accessory for Dubrovnik women. Women in Konavle were producing silk yarn and making their own embroidery as their specific symbol to communicate their status, events in the family and part of the jewellery. It was also a dowry that each lady brought to her new home once she married. This experience is very popular :)

DETAILS: Half day tour
Price: 165€pp + Silk costs (Car) or 198€pp + Silk costs (Van)
Click here to book!

Become a gastronome in Konavle
Another one of our secret gems – a Croatian traditional cooking lesson in the beautiful countryside of Konavle. You'll visit a beautiful old rural household where our experienced hosts will be waiting for you to teach you all the local tips and tricks. If you don't know what 'peka' made under the bell is, it's one of the best dishes in Croatia, specifically the coastal area of Dalmatia. It's a baked dish with meat and veggies made in a tray or pot in a fireplace. There are a few options on how to make it and the most popular options are veal and octopus. If you make this at home, rest assured you will be highly praised by your guests, just like you will be thankful to our hosts for showing you this. It's not the easiest process tho so bring a lot of patience with you. At the end of course you will taste the fruits of your labour and enjoy some great drinks with this as well. You will even get a little present in the end, which we will not reveal - opt this day and find out by yourself. We dare you to prepare it back home for friends and family and send us a pic!

DETAILS: Half day tour - 4 hours morning or afternoon
Price: 305€pp (Car) or 338€pp (Van)
* This tour is frequently booked together with the Embriodery tour, please enquire
Click here to book!

Food tradition through Pelješac
Visit the town of Ston, famous for the longest preserved defence wall in the world, then taste oysters fresh from the sea in the family household and continue your journey through Pelješac peninsula just to eat at each stop! Like what you have read so far? Your day will begin with a stop at family house in a small village just outside of Dubrovnik, on the beginning of Pelješac peninsula. Thirsty? Hungry? It is just a beginning, so feel free to enjoy some oysters taken right from the sea – by you! Let us show you how to pick the best and the largest mussels and how to separate the smaller once. In a traditional way, in a rural household and of course try oysters with sea salt taste still on them. Stop in Ston town for the 40 minutes walkable walls. Young, full of energy or just feeling that way? Climb the great, steep walls, lunch waiting afterwards will be more delicious. Ston is also the oldest active saltworks in the world. If you are not that into climbing, visit the old saltwork station. One more family ranch will be happy to be your host for the late lunch. You will be welcomed with homemade brandies, just enough before the lunch itself, trust us, you will want to be hungry for this! Do not think you will get a menu and then pick what you want to eat. Sorry, but here you will have a list of fresh seafood to pick from. There is always one little surprise. You will just need to opt for this tour and find out by yourself!

DETAILS: Full day tour - 8 hours
Price: 248€pp (lunch on island) or 238€pp (lunch in Ston)
Click here to book!

Save water, drink wine through Pelješac peninsula
Peljesac peninsula is the second largest peninsula in Croatia, and is still one of the “secret” places in Croatia, since it is just becoming popular among tourists. It is situated just an hour and a half drive from Dubrovnik through picturesque land, secret small villages, and hills filled with stunning vineyards. The whole peninsula is known for its outstanding red wine, which is made from the grape variety “Plavac Mali”. What we need to mention is that you will have help getting from one winery to the other - your driver is with you, so relax and try some more. You will visit few wineries, meet the locals who are responsible for bringing this top quality wine to many restaurants in Croatia, explore the beauty of vineyards, and learn more about wine and its origins. The same once that will be responsible for your buzz after the visit. This wine tour will give you an insight in the local life and traditions that characterize this unique region. After enjoying wine and local cuisine that Pelješac peninsula offers, you head back to Dubrovnik filled with new knowledge and fun you have experienced. You know what you'll be bringing back to Dubrovnik as well? Minimum of one bottle of wine.. you'll see!

DETAILS: Full day tour - 8 hours
Price: 248€pp (lunch on island) or 238€pp (lunch in Ston)
+ addon 10€pp for wine tasting/tour or 30€pp for 2 wineries.
Click here to book!

Seafood cooking in Cavtat
Have you tasted some amazing Croatian dishes in Dubrovnik and want to be able to make them yourself? We completely understand – and we can definitely help you. J oin us for a half an hour ride to the small city of Cavtat where we will visit a beautiful household where you will learn to make the best Mediterranean dishes. There's nothing better than being happy with the food you made yourself, and here you will learn all the best tips and tricks to make these dishes. The atmosphere is something truly unique, plus while you are cooking you can taste local wine and liquor. The hosts will be more than happy to share life stories with you and answer any of questions you may have. Once you've cooked all the food, you will get to enjoy it on the beautiful terrace or along the seaside with a glass of wine. Do not get to comfy ! We are not done yet, the second part of this day trip is where you explore the town of Cavtat. Walk down beautiful promenade while sea breeze calls you to jump in! One hour of pure exploring is ahead of you, we will give you the tips but you ought to become the explorer yourself.

DETAILS: Full day tour - 6 hours
Price: 285€pp (Car) or 318€pp (Van)
Click here to book!

How do we book?

Simply email us your details:
tourname, date, number of people, pick up address and mobile number.
We will get back to you quickly with a quote and availability!


If you have a group, then pick from one of these great private day trips!
Click below to view the full trips details. These trips are not guided, just transport


LJUBLJANA to KRANJSKA GORA - from 249€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to LAKE BLED/LAKE BOHINJ - from 249€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to POSTOJNA/PREDJAMA - from 249€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to LOGARSKA DOLINA - from 249€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to PIRAN - from 269€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to MARIBOR/PTUJ - from 249€ per tour

LJUBLJANA to IDRIJA/CERKNO - from 249€ per tour


Montenegro will blow you away with its stunning scenery, history and cuisine.

Click to Choose from one of these amazing tours and book today!

BEST OF MONTENEGRO TOUR - This awesome tour stops in Njeguši, mind blowing Lovcen, Cetinje, Rijeka-Skadar Lake. What a day!
from 380€ per tour (up to 8 people per van)

MEDIEVAL MONTENEGRO TOUR - This tour includes Njeguši, Cetinje, Budva and Kotor.
from 270€ per tour (up to 8 people per van)

KOTOR & PERAST TOUR - Visit historic port of Kotor and Perast with the Lady of the Rocks.
from 250€ per tour (up to 8 people per van)

KOTOR & PERAST & BUDVA TOUR - Visit historic port of Kotor and Perast with the Lady of the Rocks and finally Budva.
from 260€ per tour (up to 8 people per van)

TARA RIVER RAFTING TOUR - The second deepest in the world after the Grand canyon. 18 kilometres of beautiful scenery and 21 challenging rapids.
from 380€ per tour (up to 8 people per van)


Visiting Split? Then you'll want to visit local sites like Krka Falls and more!
Choose from one of these amazing trips and book today!
* These trips are not guided, just transport

Email us for info and to book these tours

DUBROVNIK (12 hour) - Explore historic Dubrovnik with its ancient walls and old town. - from 275€

KLIS FORT/SALONA/TROGIR (6 hour) - A medieval fortress and the charming islet of Trogir. - from 165€

KRKA FALLS/SIBENIK (10 hour) - These stunning falls plus the seaside town of Šibenik - from 220€

MEDUGORJE (10 hour) - Visit this famous religious city. - from 242€

MOSTAR (10 hour) - An amazing city with an amazing history and famous arched bridge. - from 242€

MOSTAR/KRAVICE FALLS(12 hour) - Put Mostar together with stunning Kravice Falls. - from 242€

PLITVICE LAKES (12 hour) - Needs no introduction, the falls are a real source of wonder! - from 330€

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