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What's all that gnawing about?
What exactly is a dormouse? Apparently it’s a squirrel like creature that lends itself to a rather strange tribute at Sneznik Castle. On the castle grounds in the old dairy, visit the Dormouse Museum and view tiny self triggering crossbows used in Dormouse Hunting.

Why hunt dormice (or is that dormouses?), you ask? It’s a local delicacy and the dormouse has been salted, pickled and smoked for centuries. Recipes call for the dormouse in stews and soups and even the tiny dormouse liver has been a favourite of fine chefs. Even the dormouse fat was used as a medicinal cure for wounds. In the 1800’s the fat was also used as a high-grade machine oil! What is really amazing is the dormouse was also prized for its pelts and 1,000 or more were needed to create a cloak for a person of means.

Today dormouse hunting is only allowed from September 25 to November 15. Dormouse Hunting Night is held annually every first Saturday following September 25 and begins with a barbecue of, what else, dormouse (and hot dogs).

Unless you have your own transportation, Sneznik Castle is not easy to get to. There is a bus from Cerknica to the village of Stari trg that runs up to six times a day, and then a 4km walk.

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Who doesn’t love a haunted castle?
Well, in 2008, Ghost Hunters International from the Sci-Fi channel investigated Predjama Castle for paranormal activity. In the end they concluded the castle is definitely haunted.
Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, you can’t miss Predjama Castle. Have a look at the following Youtube clips from the GHI Predjama Castle episode. The three clips (listed in order) make up the entire episode. Not quite sure why they have Spanish subtitles, but hey, if you’re Spanish, it’s a bonus!
Even if ghosts aren’t your thing, the history lesson is terrific!

Predjama Castle is found about 10kms from Postojna. Most people use it as a side trip while visiting the Postojna Caves.

GHI Predjama Clip 1
GHI Predjama Clip 2
GHI Predjama Clip 3

Come Dance with me!
If you’re artsy, you probably won’t find the 15th century Dance of Death, or Danse Macabre fresco at The Church of the Holy Trinity located in Hrastovlje, weird.

The Church of the Holy Trinity is home to many bible inspired scenes, but it’s the Dance of Death people come to see. The artistic style of 'La Danse Macabre' originated at the Cemetery of the Innnocents in Paris in 1424 and can be found in many other countries in Europe. The only other such example in Istria though, can be found in Croatia.

The most famous fresco in Slovenia, skeletons lead a procession of people to their graves, including the pope, the king, the queen, a cardinal, a bishop, a monk, a doctor, a moneylender (who is trying to buy his way into heaven!), a soldier and a baby.

You may or not think this painting is weird, but Rona at SFY thinks it’s very much out of the ordinary!

Hrastovlje is located in the lower south west corner of Slovenia as you head down towards the coast. It is not easy to get to without a car. There is, however, a morning train from Divaca to Hrastovlje station which is 1km south of the village, arriving at 8:20 am. The return train to Divaca does not leave from the station until 7:28 pm.