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Postojna is famous for the magnificent Postojna Caves. After marvelling at this natural wonder, head to nearby Predjama Castle.
The region also holds further treasures so read on to discover....

Why should I visit Postojna?
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Why should I visit Postojna?

Postojna is the jewel in the Karst Region crown due to the magnificence of those mighty Caves that have been delighting thousands of visitors for years now. Postojna can be used as a fantastic jumping off point for the Karst and Vipava Region to the west and also the mysterious south including Cerknica, Pivka, Bloke and Sneznik. Throw in the wonders of Predjama Castle and Rakov Skocjan and you have yet another region in Slovenia that is worth visiting!

Welcome to Postojna!

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Top things to do / Sights / Attractions in Postojna


The World Famous Postojna Caves are simply awe-inspiring. Having formed over thousands of years, thousands of tourists of all ages now flock to the caves annually to marvel at this Karst phonomenon. Don't miss out!

The LowDown:

- Arriving:
If arriving by car or tour bus, their is a large car park adjoining the caves that has ample space for cars, caravans and buses. You even get to cross the cute Pivka River to get to the Caves themselves!
If arriving by bus, the bus alights in the centre of town then its an easy 1.3km walk to the caves. Just follow the signs or ask someone, you can't miss it!
If arriving by train, the station is about 2km from the caves so again you can walk to the caves or hire a taxi if there is one present at the station.

- At the caves entrance:
Upon arrival, patrons buy a ticket from the ticket booth (usually a few windows open) - obviously we advise you leave sufficient time to arrive and buy tickets before your tour. You can also pre-purchase tickets online HERE to save time.
There are a few shops for browsing and a few dining establishments you can partake in before or after the caves.
To enter, then walk up the stairs to the main entrance and wait in a small enclosure before being guided towards the train platform.

- The caves tour:
The electric train whisks you a few kilometres into the system before you alight in the hall of the Great Mountain.
Groups then form by choice of language and your guide takes you through the remainder of the caves by foot before you take a short train journey back to the entrance.
The caves have a constant temperature of between 8C-10C or (F) so you will need a pullover/jacket even on hot days.
Coats are also available for hire as you wait to be led through to the train.
The tour lasts one and half hours (90 minutes)
Photos are not permitted in the caves (but people take them anyway!)
Food and drink also not permitted.
Shoes with good traction are advisable as it may be slippery underfoot in some places.
The paths consists of some low to medium level ascents and descents but nothing extreme. Walk around 1,5km in total.
Visitors can also visit the fascinating Vivarium where you learn about animals who live within the cave system like the famous Proteus.

- Staying at the caves:
The Hotel Jama is on site and has been recently refurbished. The Hotel Kras is in the centre of town and has also been refurbished. The Hotel Sport is another option and is popular with cycling groups. There are also many guest houses available in the area like the Hudicevec Tourist Farm.

- Where is it \ How to get there?:
Train: Take a train from Ljubljana or Koper and then walk 2km (or taxi) to the caves.
Bus: Take the bus from Ljubljana or Koper and walk 1.3km to the caves. They usually go hourly from Ljubljana.
To the Caves: From the centre of town, travel north-west along Jamska Cesta. You can't miss it. The walk is about 1.3 kilometres.

Visit the Postojna Caves site for more info on tour times and tickets.


Situated some 9km north of Postojna Caves lies the tiny village of Predjama (pred-yama). Apart from being as cute as a button, this tiny hamlet's main claim to fame is the fantastically dramatic castle of the same name. Learn the legend of Erazem whilst exploring this great attraction.

In the past, many people would visit the caves and then move on. But now it seems that many will add Predjama onto their schedule as a Postojna side trip, only to find the castle no less spectacular. Put it on your list!

The Low Down:
Set into and spilling out of a huge cavern, the castle has stood on this site since 1202, although what you see today was built in the sixteenth century. It's probably Slovenia's most photographed castle and it's easy to see why.

- Arriving:
If arriving by car or tour bus, from the town centre intersection in Postojna, travel north-west along Jamska Cesta. There are several signs pointing the way to the caves. Go past the caves until you reach the village of Bukovje. Turn left and continue until you reach Predjama. There is a small car park available or you can park on the side of the streets if things get really busy!

- At the Castle entrance:
As you apprach the castle (and see that magnificent view for the first time), there is a cafe restaurant and museum plus souvenir store. Beyond that is the path proper up to the castle and on the right is the Gostilna Požar where you can have a proper restaurant meal plus they have accommodation. Near the entrance there is a ticket booth and souvenir store. You can purchase tickets here. If you already have a ticket from Postojna/Predjama combo, they can scan your ticket here.

- Visiting the Castle:
Take one of the helpful leaflets available at the entrance to guide you through fifteen numbered rooms. The castle is sufficiently spooky and includes a chaplain's room from which one could watch prisoner's being tortured in the dungeon below. The armoury has a good selection of menacing looking weapons. At the very top of the castle is a drawbridge which leads visitors to a natural passage built into the rock. Tours are available of this passage in the summer months, but call in advance if you are interested. Visiting the castle can be done in a good hour or longer if you wish to linger.

Easier to inspect is the cave under the castle. It has no electric lighting, so torches (flashlights) and rubber boots are available to visitors at the entrance. Scheduled tours of the cave under the castle last 45 minutes and take place between May and September.

For a bit of medieval recreation, take a visit in July. On the third Sunday in July, the castle normally holds it's annual jousting tournament.

Visit the Postojna Caves site for more info on tour times and tickets.


Situated only a few kilometres east of Postojna, this Regional Nature Park is a favourite of local strollers. If you want to experience a real Karst Valley without the tourists, then definitely head across to Rakov for some R&R!

The Low Down:
The Rakov Škocjan is a gorgeous place to while away an afternoon when the weather is good. Here in the park, the Rak stream (which becomes the Ljubljanica) flows underground and created such sights as the Great Natural Bridge and the Little Natural Bridge when the roof of the underworld tunnel was destroyed.

Rakov Škocjan is 6 kilometres long and is a protected gem of nature. The walking path which is 3km long, leads over wooden footbridges and past caves, sinkholes, springs and babbling brooks. Afterwards the path goes up to the ruins of the St. Kancijan Church, where it ends. There are an abundance of walking and biking trails in the area so this is a great place to come if you want a relaxing day without the crowds. And don't forget your camera!

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Car: From Ljubljana take the E61 freeway to the coast and turn off at Unec before Postojna. Turn left and just after the town of Unec turn right on the road to Rakov Skocjan. Do the same if coming from the coast/Koper (turn off at Unec).
From Postojna take the secondary road north 409 then turn off right onto 914 to Rakov Skocjan. There is car parking at both ends of the park.


Lake Cerknica is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. It appears every year on the karst polje (plain), caught between the Javorniki hills and the Bloke plateau on one side, and Mount Slivnica on the other. During the dry season, the lake disappears, which enables paddling, fishing, hiking or grass mowing in the same area in just one year.

The lake normally stays on the Cerknica plain for about eight months a year. Water usually spreads over the surface of 20 km2, but at its fullest, the lake covers a surface of nearly 30 km2. When full, Lake Cerknica becomes the largest lake in Slovenia.

It was first mentioned as early as ancient history, and it has been included on the maps of Europe ever since the 15th century. The importance of intermittent Lake Cerknica, therefore, goes far beyond Slovenia's borders. Along with the Rakov Škocjan valley and the Križna jama cave, Lake Cerknica has been designated as a wetland of international importance – Ramsar Site, and also as a Natura 2000 Site because of its importance for the preservation of endangered birds.

In the area, 276 bird species have been observed – one half of all European species; this is home to 45 mammal species – one half of all European species; 125 butterfly species can be spotted here – a little less than a third of all European species; 15 amphibian species spawn by the lake – nearly a quarter of all European amphibians... Biodiversity of the region is truly exceptional!

People from across the region have strong ties to intermittent Lake Cerknica as well. The abundance of fish and game has attracted people and provided them with nourishment since the Stone Age. After all, generations of hard-working hands have co-shaped the typical landscape on the moist soil of the basin, and by maintaining the flood meadows, they continue to ensure habitat for endangered flora and fauna. (Text courtesy of

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Car: From Ljubljana take the E61 freeway to the coast and turn off at Unec before Postojna. Head through the town of Unec onto Cerknica. After Cerknica turn right onto Cesta na Jezero. Do the same if coming from the coast/Koper (turn off at Unec). From Postojna take the secondary road north 409 then turn off right onto 914 and go past Rakov Skocjan.

Tours in Postojna / Day Tours from Postojna



A day full of adventures, laughter and fun together with friends, family or colleagues!

POSTOJNA ADVENTURE PARK offers you a very special experience: Walk high amongst the trees, testing your balancing skills, ingenuity, spirit for adventure and courage! Explorers will discover an unique forest adventure full of swing bridges, ladders, climbing nets, ropes and zip wires! With just a little encouragement, everyone can defeat the 78 different challenges, suspended high from trees in a huge forest park area right next to the famous Postojna caves.

It’s a great fun way to spend your time in the forest, doing active exercise, meeting new people, playing or just hanging around!

Let the fun begin!

The really special thing about Postojna Adventure Park is that it is an entirely natural park set up in a natural forest environment. You will spend your time safely secured and high up in the trees, breathing in the fresh air as you move onto the next wooden platform. Everybody can be a forest adventurer at the Postojna Adventure Park: Kids, adults, singles, couples, families, friends or groups. If you are looking for a fantastic fun day outside then you should swing by here! All adventurers get top of the range “Salewa, Black Diamond” & “Petzl” safety gear and Safety training is given before you can start. Adults and friends who don’t want to climb can spend their day under the trees encouraging their little and not so little heroes or hiking on the well maintained tracks in the woods.




Why book a tour to Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle?
The best way to spend a half day is to take this tour covering the sublime Postojna Caves and the stunning Predjama Castle.



Why book this tour?
This is a great all-round tour that features something for everyone!
A breathtaking castle at Predjama (outside look only), Underground wonders at Skocjan, The grace and elegance of the Lippizaner and the charm of seaside Piran. From Ljubljana, Book today!



Why book this tour?
Get your group together and jump off your cruise ship to enjoy Slovenia's most popular tourist attraction Postojna caves plus Predjama Castle! A great shore excursion!



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Grab the group and book a private day tour to Postojna Caves and Predjama plus maybe time for Rakov Skocjan as well!
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Best Accommodation in Postojna

Book Accommodation in Postojna!
Accommodation can be quite subjective as is the case with restaurants and bars.
One stay can be different to the next depending on when you stay, what room you have and the staff on duty etc. But we feel we have captured some great options here!

Peruse the options listed below and pick one that suits your needs, all bookings help keep the website going! have hand picked the best of the each accommodation category to make it easy for you to book!


Stay at Tourist Farm Hudicevec in Postojna


* Childrens Playground
* Fabulous Restaurant
* Clean Rooms
* Easy access to freeway
* Animal Petting

A great choice if you're looking for a kid friendly tourist farm near Postojna with great traditional cooking!


Stay at Lipizzaner Lodge in Postojna


* Breakfast Included
* Amazing owners
* Clean Rooms
* Green, country location
* Parking

A great choice if you're looking for a modern guest house with all the mod-cons and more!


Stay at Hotel Jama in Postojna


* Great views
* On site at Postojna caves
* Clean Rooms
* Great Breakfast
* Good Wifi

The only choice if you're looking for great accommodation at Postojna Caves!

Top Events in Postojna

There is always something happening in Postojna all year round, especially in the summer months.
Here is a calendar of the major events. You may want to plan your holiday to coicide with these events!

JULY - Erazems Knight Festival - Night of Fire and Fun

Every year in the summer time for the last decade (usually the third weekend of July) the Erazem Medieaval Tournament is organised and carried out according to documented historic facts and models from the 16th century. This international medieval event involves several different classes and generations – nobles, serfs, and children. Bold knights – archers, swordsmen and horsemen – show off their skills on the Field of Combat. In the Knights’ Camp, swordsmen introduce themselves, their equipment and their medieval way of life. Merchants and craftsmen sell medieval products, flag throwers, belly dancers, magicians, puppet shows, musicians and other performers display their talents and re-enact historical events. A peasant festivity known as gauda is organised and tasty mediaeval food is prepared.

Recently, the Night of Fire and Fun has been held on Saturday as an introduction to the medieval tournament that takes place the next day, on Sunday, and is becoming increasingly special and popular with visitors.

JULY - Summer Festival (Kulturni Utrip Poletja)

The summer festival program of cultural events for all ages highlights local groups and artists with the aim of preserving the Slovenian language, culture, national identity and customs. At the same time they also invite foreign artists at the festival, A regular feature of the festival are folklore evenings and evenings of folk music with local, well established acts featuring Rock, pop, jazz concerts, educational performances, creative workshops and many other good programs.

AUGUST - Zmaj'ma Mlade

Launched by the Postojna Youth Centre in 1997 as a two-day event, the Zmaj 'ma mlade Festival ("The Dragon has Youngsters" Festival) now takes place annually for at least two weeks in August at various venues in the city centre of Postojna. It is organised by Postojna Youth Centre and sponsored by the Postojna Student Club, the Municipality of Postojna and lately, due to lack of resources, also by Društvo podpornikov Zmaj 'ma mlade (Association of Supporters of the Festival), which consists of Postojna residents who financially support the festival. The festival offers visitors days full of culture and entertainment, plus pleasant holiday evenings in the town centre. The festival is an important complement to the cultural programmes of the city of Postojna. (courtesy of

DECEMBER - Nativity Scene at Postojna Caves

The annual Nativity scene at Postojna Caves is the biggest live scene in the world set in an underground cave and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Usually taking place in the last week of December (22nd onwards), the scenes of the Nativity are played out at points along the paths inside the caves. With what seems to be a logistical nightmare, the organisers are constantly making improvements, amendments and extensions like choir concerts in the Concert Hall.
Not to be missed!

Sample Itinerary Ideas and tips for Postojna

Postojna is a great place to relax and to explore the caves and region. Here are some suggested itineraries and ideas:

Postojna in one day -
Visit the Postojna Caves (you will spend 1.5 hours on the tour and another 30mins or more if you browse for souvenirs or take photos etc.)
For lunch head back into town and head for Pizzeria Minutka or Cuk or have lunch at Predjama Castle. - 1.5 hours
Head to Predjama and tour the castle and museum - 1.5 to 2 hours
Have dinner in the main square at Proteus or similar.

Postojna in two days -
Day one as above.
Day two - visit the "disappearing lake" at Lake Cerknica and walk one of the trails - 2hours

Have lunch in Cerknica at the Gostilna Glaž'K Srečko Gruden
Head to Rakov Skocjan and walk or cycle the trails and see the fantastic natural formations.
Drive to Pivka and have dinner at somewhere like pizzeria Herman.

Postojna in 3-7 days -
Days one and two as above
In Postojna you can also take the kids to the adrenaline adventure park next to the caves!
Take several great day trips (see our tour section) like Vipava Valley for wine tasting, Lipica or perhaps Skocjan caves.
Visit further afield for the day like the coast at Piran, Ljubljana, the Soca Valley and even Italy is not far away.

Did you know? Fun facts for Postojna/Predjama

1. Legends abound about Erazem, a brazen robber who was a famous resident of Predjama during the 15th century. Safe within the castle which provided ample security from his enemies, he would use secret passages to the outside world in order to collect supplies and go on his now infamous thieving raids which left authorities baffled. A betrayal within his ranks meant he was finally undone while sitting on the lavatory as his enemies took aim and dealt the final blow. Legend has it
he is buried under the linden tree near the church.

2. It is interesting to know that Lake Cerknica, an intermittent lake, is actually larger than Lake Bohinj during its flood seasons, but disappears entirely during dry seasons.

3. Cave dwelling life forms like the famous Proteus Olm within Postojna Caves continue to amaze many scientists who thought it impossible to live without light. Well they believe that over 150 animal species exist in the Caves and you can learn more by visiting the Vivarium at Postojna Caves near the caves entrance.

How to get to and from Postojna

By Air - Flying into Slovenia

A list of current destinations servicing Ljubljana Airport can be found HERE.
These include the long standing destinations of London, Paris, Frankfurt and Istanbul but new services and seasonal services will differ from year to year.

From Ljubljana Airport into Postojna


TRANSFER: To reach Postojna centre from Ljubljana Airport contact us by email for a quote here
BUS: You can also use the local bus from the airport to Ljubljana and then onto Postojna.
CAR HIRE: If you wish to hire a car at the Airport then without doubt use our partners at ATET for the best service in Slovenia. Use the code SLOFORYOU when booking.

From Ljubljana to Postojna


BUS: To reach Postojna centre from Ljubljana, then check the local bus timetable HERE
TRANSFER: To reach Postojna centre from Ljubljana, contact us by email for a quote here
CAR HIRE: If you wish to hire a car in Ljubljana then without doubt use our partners at ATET for the best service in Slovenia. Use the code SLOFORYOU when booking.

From Venice/Venice Airport to Postojna


TRANSFER: To reach Postojna centre from Venice, contact us by email for a quote here
CAR HIRE: If you wish to hire a one-way car rental from Venice then contact us by email for a quote here

From Koper to Postojna


BUS: To reach Postojna centre from Koper, then check the local bus timetable HERE
CAR HIRE: If you wish to hire a car in Ljubljana then without doubt use our partners at ATET for the best service in Slovenia. Use the code SLOFORYOU when booking.

From Trieste to Postojna


TRANSFER: To reach Postojna centre from Trieste, contact us by email for a quote here
CAR HIRE: If you wish to hire a one-way car rental from Trieste then contact us by email for a quote here

Postojna Weather

Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Max Temp. (C) 4 5 9 12 17 21 24 25 20 15 8 4
Max Temp (F) 39 41 48 54 63 75 77 68 59 46 39 12
Min Temp. (C) -4 -4 0 3 7 10 12 12 10 6 2 -2
Min Temp. (F) 25 25 32 37 45 50 54 54 50 43 36 28

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