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Top Things to Do / Sights / Attractions in Maribor!

Maribor Old Town

Like most cities in Europe, the old town is the central point in Slovenia's 2nd largest city. The cobbled laneways that open out to spacious public squares surrounded by beautiful old buildings are delightful. Take your time and enjoy Maribor!

The LowDown:
Leading north away from the Lent Area and the river Drava, the old town comprises of notable features including the Castle Square (Grajski Trg) with its fascinating Castle and Museum, the Main Square (Glavni trg) with the Plague Memorial and the Town Hall Rotovž, the Maribor Cathedral with an observation tower and the statue of Anton Martin Slomšek, the Maribor Synagogue, art galleries and theatres plus of course many fine bars, cafes and restaurants.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
The Old town centre is hard to miss if you're in Maribor, just ask for directions to the Lent area along the River Drava and walk north where you find the Main Square and surrounding old town.


The Lent area refers to the tranquil banks of the riverfront of the Drava River and is the oldest part of central Maribor. Site of the Oldest Vine in the World, it is regularly the centre of attention when festivals and events take place in Maribor.

The Low Down:
Lent represents the area along the Drava River from Vodni stolp (Water Tower) to Sodni stolp (Judgement Tower). Lent will entice you to see the oldest vine in the world (reportedly over 400 years old!) which lays host to some great festival events like the Pruning of the Vine and St Martins Day where the must turns to wine!

Behind the vine is the Old Vine House which has a great information centre highlighting the regions winemakers and their wines. Buy and taste the best the region has to offer and talk to one of the informative staff there. Take a leisurely walk along the riverfront where you also see the defence towers, the Jewish part with the Synagogue, Jewish Square and the Jewish Tower.
Throw in some great bars and restaurants and Lent is a great area to spend a morning, afternoon or evening!

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Lent can be found along the northern side of the Drava river just south of the town centre.

The Old Vine and Wine Culture in Maribor

As mentioned above, Lent is famous for having the oldest recorded living vine in the world (around 400 years old). Wine is a very important part of the region and they take great pride in their vines and resulting wines. When you have visited the various wine related establishments in the centre, you can tour the surrounding areas of Maribor where you will find numerous wineries and tourist farms along the wine routes. This is what a relaxing holiday is all about!

The Low Down:
If you've just hit the centre of Maribor and you're keen to explore the regions viniculture, head to Vinag near the castle and you will be amazed by this underground world beneath the city. At almost 2.5km total length (yes thats right!), this vast cavern is a winelovers paradise. See barrel after barrel and marvel at the Wine Archives where they keep around 250,000 of the best vintages from 1946! Of course, it is mandatory to try a few and spend a few euros on some excellent local produce. Take a tour and watch yourself when exiting if you're a little tipsy!

Next head to the riverfront and the Lent area. Here of course is the legendary Old Vine and the Old Vine House. After taking the obligatory photos, step inside the old house where you will find a surprisingly good information centre and wine tasting area.

The wine routes in all directions around Maribor will entice you to hit the road and perhaps stay a night or two at a tourist farm where you can sample the local fare and see how they really take pride in their home-made wines. Some properties are larger than others, but the rolling green hills lined with vines is a sight we will never tire of. The whites produced here are Italian Riesling, Grüner Silvaner, Riesvaner (Muller-Thurgau Blanc), Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Kerner, Traminer, and Muscatel. Of the red wines, the Pinot Noir, Blue Franconian and Zweigelt varieties are most widely produced.

Opening Times:
Shop: Monday-Friday: 0900-1800, Saturday: 0800-1300
Tours: Normally on the hour from 0900-1700, mostly in German, Slovene but some English.
Old Vine House:
November - April: every day 1000-1800, May - October: every day 1000-2000.

Maribor Pohorje

The Pohorje Massif is a densely wooded, low mountain range that is roughly bounded by the towns of Maribor (to the east), Dravograd (to the west) and Slovenske Konjice (to the south). It is one of the best preserved natural regions in Slovenia and It measures about 50 km (31 mi) from east to west and 30 km (19 mi) from north to south. The eastern edge is where we find the Mariborsko Pohorje.

The Low Down:
At 1347m, the Mariborsko Pohorje is famous for being one of Slovenia's biggest and most popular ski resorts, covering some 60km of trails. In the warmer months, it is a haven for hikers, mountain bikers and paragliders. You can also go horse riding and there is an adrenalin park with high ropes and facilities for golf and paintball

At the base of the Pohorje there is a myriad of nice hotels you can choose from for your stay. A pleasant cable car ride takes you to the top where there are maps showing you the various trails. There is also a hotel and restaurants/cafes at the top also.

The views of Maribor from the top are superb. From here you can choose to do a few of the shorter walks that return to the cable car, or use it as a starting point to go on a longer hike over the 50km route which takes you past some of the most beautiful scenery including forest, farmland, swampy marshes, glassy lakes, churches and isolated homesteads.

Mountain bikers can take the plunge and head straight down the mountain, or head off on the same walking trails and specialised bike paths. You'll also see paragliders taking off from near the cable car station and soaring off above and beyond the treetops.

Price List:
Cable Car to Pohorje Summit
> Adults/Children > One way or Return > 5€
Bike Transport > 4€
Infants 0-5 years: Free

Operating Times:
Cable Car to Pohorje Summit
> MON-WED 0800-2000 on the hour > THU-SUN+Holidays 0800-2000 (1000-1900 non-stop) > Last return at 2200.

Maribor City of Culture and Arts

Ljubljana may argue the claim, but after being European Capital of Culture in 2012, Maribor has a strong tradition for being a leading city for the arts and culture. It holds many festivals and events each year so there is virtually always something going in Maribor!

The Low Down:
With a strong list of annual events and festivals, Maribor really does offer something for everyone interested in arts and culture. Artistic genres such as opera, contemporary dance, classical and popular music, all the way to film, theatre, visual arts, literature and architecture are featured on the annual calendar.

Popular events like the Lent Festival attracts over 500,000 people annually. Other prominent events include the Borstnik Festival which focuses on the theatre and Festival Maribor which showcases some great classical artists. Those who like museums will find the National Liberation, Regional and Photography Muesums here in Maribor. Several fine galleries can be explored including the Maribor Art Gallery, the Stolp Photography Gallery and the Multimedia Gallery at the KIBLA centre.

The Slovene National Theatre is the largest artistic institute in Slovenia and holds a full calendar each year including opera, ballet and concerts. The Narodni Theatre also has a very strong patronage when it holds events including Comedy, Childrens performances and a variety of concerts. And finally, don't forget the Maribor Puppet Theatre. Just north of Glavni Trg, it also has a full list of events throughout the year.

Plan your holiday around one of their upcoming events, you won't be disappointed!

Pyramid Park

The Pyramid Park or Piramida is a delightful park just north of the city centre. A favourite spot for walking, jogging, cycling and relaxing, the park also has a hill measuring 386m that has fine views of the city.

The Low Down:
Maribor Castle used to stand at the top of the hill between the 16-18th centuries. After it was torn down, the rubble that remained was made into a stone structure shaped like a pyramid and hence the name. Now it is used for recreation by the residents of Maribor and it is beautiful to walk amongst the vines on the way to the top.

The walk can be a little demanding and there are a few different paths, so it pays to take your time and allow time to make it to the top. You can visit the City Park (Mestni Park) before heading to the Piramida. Behind the Piramida there are more wooded parkland including the 3 Ribniki lake. You can easily spend half a day here enjoying the parklands and woods.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Piramida is situated north of the city centre of Maribor. If you walk straight north from the Grad in the centre, you walk through Mestni Park. The trails to the Piramida are then located to the right as you will no doubt see!

Maribor's Surrounding Areas

Maribor is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Its very laid back and moves at a gentle pace.
Take off in any direction from Maribor for a fun day trip. Perhaps using the Drava River as a guide, you can easily unwind and have a great time!

The Low Down:
The River Drava is the main river that flows through Maribor and offers a great day out if you care to follow it west or east. Traditional Rafting Tours are available as well as boat tours. The Drava Centre is a recreational area which is a great family picnic spot to enjoy canoeing, boating and some on-land sports as well. Mariborski Otok is an island on the river that has walking paths and a swimming complex nearby. Combine a stop here with a boat ride! As mentioned earlier, various wine routes stretch north from Maribor to the Austrian border. A day trip north through Zgornja Kungota, Zgornja Velka and Lenart is a leisurely drive with beautiful natural scenery. To the South-West is the Pohorje which is already mentioned above.

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