Postojna's Top Attractions
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Postojna is the jewel in the Karst Region crown due to the magnificence of those mighty Caves that have been delighting thousands of visitors for years now. Postojna can be used as a fantastic jumping off point for the Karst and Vipava Region to the west and also the mysterious south including Cerknica, Pivka, Bloke and Sneznik.
Throw in the wonders of Predjama Castle and you have yet another region in Slovenia that is worth spending as much time as you can spare!
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1. Postojna Caves

The World Famous Postojna Caves are simply awe-inspiring. Having formed over thousands of years, thousands of tourists of all ages now flock to the caves annually to marvel at this Karst phonomenon. Don't miss out!

The LowDown:
Upon arrival, patrons buy a ticket from the ticket booth and then walk up to the main entrance and wait in a small enclosure before being guided towards the train platform.
The electric train whisks you a few kilometres into the system before you alight in the hall of the Great Mountain.
Groups then form by choice of language and your guide takes you through the remainder of the caves by foot before you take a short train journey back to the entrance.

# The caves have a constant temperature of between 8C-10C or (F) so you will need a pullover/jacket even on hot days.
# Coats are also available for hire as you wait to be led through to the train.
# The tour lasts one and half hours (90 minutes).
# Photos are not permitted in the caves so as not to disturb any creepy crawlies that live down there (but people take them anyway!)
# Food and drink also not permitted.
# Shoes with good traction are advisable as it may be slippery underfoot in some places
# The paths consists of some low to medium level ascents and descents but nothing extreme.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Train: The train station is located S/E of the town centre and is a 1km walk.
Bus: The bus station is in central Postojna just near the Hotel Kras.
To the Caves: From the centre of town, travel north-west along Jamska Cesta. You can't miss it. The walk is about 1.5 kilometres.
At the Caves: There is a huge tolled car park for the trailer loads of buses, cars and campervans that show up throughout the year.

Opening Hours (All Year Round)
JAN 1000 1200 1500
FEB 1000 1200 1500
MAR 1000 1200 1500
APR 1000 1200 1400 1600
MAY 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700
JUN 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700
JUL 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800
AUG 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800
SEP 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700
OCT 1000 1200 1400 1600
NOV 1000 1200 1500
DEC 1000 1200 1500

Take a thrilling train ride into the mighty Postojna Caves

Come to Postojna Caves! * Photos by Cristian Raifura
Entrance Fees (All Year Round)
Adults 22.90 euros
Children 6-15 years 13.70 euros
Students under 26 18.30 euros

2. Predjama Castle

Situated some 9km north of Postojna Caves lies the tiny village of Predjama (pred-yama). Apart from being as cute as a button, this tiny hamlet's main claim to fame is the fantastically dramatic castle of the same name.

In the past, many people would visit the caves and then move on. But now it seems that many will add Predjama onto their schedule as a Postojna side trip, only to find the castle no less spectacular. Put it on your list!

The Low Down:
Set into and spilling out of a huge cavern, the castle has stood on this site since 1202, although what you see today was built in the sixteenth century. It's probably Slovenia's most photographed castle and it's easy to see why.

Recently visited for an investigation by the world famous television program "Ghost Hunters International", the castle is yet another must-see stop while in Slovenia.

Take one of the helpful leaflets available at the entrance to guide you through fifteen numbered rooms. The castle is sufficiently spooky and includes a chaplain's room from which one could watch prisoner's being tortured in the dungeon below. At the very top of the castle is a drawbrige which leads visitors to a natural passage built into the rock. Tours are available of this passage in the summer months, but call in advance if you are interested.

Easier to inspect is the cave under the castle. It has no electric lighting, so torches (flashlights) and rubber boots are available to visitors at the entrance. Scheduled tours of the cave under the castle last 45 minutes and take place between May and September.

For a bit of medieval recreation, take a visit in July. On the third Sunday in July, the castle holds it's annual jousting tournament.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Train: The train station in Postojna is located 1km south east of the town centre. You can take a taxi to Predjama or walk about 1 kilometre to the Postojna town centre and grab one there.
Bus: The bus station is on the main road in the centre of town. Take a taxi to Predjama from here.
Taxis: Will take you to the castle and also charge you a fee if you want them to wait an hour for the return trip.
Car: From town centre intersection in Postojna, travel north-west along Jamska Cesta. There are several signs pointing the way to the caves. Go past the caves until you reach the village of Bukovje. Turn left and continue until you reach Predjama.
At the Castle: There is a small car park available or you can park on the side of the street.

Predjama Castle - Opening Hours (All Year Round)
JAN 1000-1600
FEB 1000-1600
MAR 1000-1600
APR 1000-1700
MAY 0900-1800
JUN 0900-1800
JUL 0900-1900
AUG 0900-1900
SEP 0900-1800
OCT 1000-1700
NOV 1000-1600
DEC 1000-1600

Entrance Fees (All Year Round)
Adults 9 euros
Children 6-15 years 5.40 euros
Students under 26 7.20 euros

Come to Predjama Castle!

Come to Predjama Castle!

Cave Under Castle - Hours for Tours (Closed Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov,Dec)
MAY 1100 1300 1500 1700
JUN 1100 1300 1500 1700
JUL 1100 1300 1500 1700
AUG 1100 1300 1500 1700
SEP 1100 1300 1500 1700

Entrance Fees
Adults 8 euros
Children 6-15 years 4.80 euros
Students under 26 6.40 euros

3. Pivka\Black Caves

These smaller caves are understandably low key when compared with the might of Postojna, but if you are a cave enthusiast and are looking to escape the crowds, this might just be the answer if you're looking to kill a few hours.

The Low Down:
The Pivka and Black Cave are located about 5km north of Postojna Caves. The entrance is found in the Pivka Jama camping ground.
You reach the 4km-long system by descending more than 300 steps into a 60 metre deep chasm. A walkway has been cut into the wall of a canyon and a bridge links you to the Black Cave.
Both caves are remarkable examples of a cave along a subterranean water course with a collapsed ceiling. The Black Cave boasts beautiful calcite formations, whereas the Pivka Cave is worth visiting for its view of the subterranean river, especially when the water level is high.
A tour of both caves takes about two hours and bookings are made in advance through Postojna Caves.

Where is it\How to get there?:
Pivka Campground is 4 km northwest of town, drive past the caves and follow the signs along Veliki Otok.

Price List: Operating Hours:
Adults:11 euros
Students:8.80 euros
Children 4-14yrs:6.60 euros
Rest of Year: By Arrangement
July&August: M-F 0900/1700, WE 0900/1400/1700

Come to Postojna and the Pivka Caves!

4. Rakov Skocjan Regional Park

Situated only a few kilometres east of Postojna, this Regional Nature Park is a favourite of local strollers. If you want to experience a real Karst Valley without the tourists, then definitely head across to Rakov for some R&R!

The Low Down:
The Rakov Skocjan is a gorgeous place to while away an afternoon when the weather is good. Here in the park, the Rak stream (which becomes the Ljubljanica) flows underground and created such sights as the Great Natural Bridge and the Little Natural Bridge when the roof of the underworld tunnel was destroyed.
Rakov Skocjan is 6 kilometres long and is a protected gem of nature. The walking path which is 3km long, leads over wooden footbridges and past caves, sinkholes, springs and babbling brooks. Afterwards the path goes up to the ruins of the St. Kancijan Church, where it ends.
There are an abundance of walking and biking trails in the area so this is a great place to come if you want a relaxing day without the crowds. And don't forget your camera!

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Car: From town centre in Postojna, head back on the freeway or secondary road towards Ljubljana. The road to Rakov heads south just before the Unec turnoff and there are car parks at both ends of the river/path.
Come to Rakov Skocjan

5. Pivka Military Museum

The Park of Military History is a military museum placed in the town of Pivka. The museum has a small but very interesting and well maintained collection of tanks, armoured vehicles and other military equipment.

The Low Down:
If you're a military enthusiast or just looking for something to do to fill in the time, this might be for you!
The Pivka Park of Military History currently includes a pavilion dedicated to tanks and artillery. The local council has plans to upgrade the existing museum by renovating buildings of the old Pivka barracks and build a second pavilion which will showcase armoured vehicles and other heavy weaponry. It is hoped in a few years this will be a fully fledged tourist attraction in its own right!

Where is it\How to get there?:
The museum is easily found in Pivka which is just off the main road from Postojna to Rijeka just 20km south of Postojna.

Price List: Operating Hours:
Adults: 6 euros
Students: 4.80 euros
Children: 3.60 euros
NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB/MAR/APR: Sat/Sun 1000-1500
MAY/OCT: Sat/Sun 1000 to 1700
JUN/SEP: Daily from 1000 to 1700
JUL/AUG: Daily from 1000 to 1800
Come to Pivka Military Park!

Hudicevec - Great Tourist Farm with animals and just outside Postojna!!
Tel: 5 703-03-00 Razdrto 1, Hudicevec Tourist Farm