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Salzburg is a city alive with culture, art, music and life. Walk the cobbled laneways and enjoy the many spectacular gardens. Take in a show and afterwards dine at the many fine restaurants serving some of the best Schnitzels around! Mozart and the Sound of Music feature heavily in this family friendly city.

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We love Salzburg! What to see and do in Salzburg.

The journey from Slovenia towards Salzburg is amazing. Peaks tower on both sides with houses dispearsed along the hillside and cute little villages in the deep lush green valleys below. The landscape levels out as you reach Salzburg and we were really excited to get out and see this beautiful city.

After coming out of the modern and renovated train station in Salzburg, most hotels are an easy walk to the south. We trundled off at a leisurely pace as we were in no hurry to check in. The hotel staff at the Drei Kreuz were most helpful at making us feel welcome. They provided maps and told us virtually everything we needed to know about Salzburg so we were well prepared! We dropped our things off and we were ready to explore.

Frequent trains link Ljubljana and Slovenia with Salzburg
Frequent trains link Ljubljana and Slovenia with Salzburg

Off we go..let's explore Salzburg.

Its just an amazing feeling to walk the streets and take in the history and colour that is Salzburg. Five million visitors come to Salzburg every year to see the baroque houses, the churches, the gardens, the monuments and the castle. Throw in the music, art, history and fine dining and you have a destination par excellence! A great majority of Salzburgers are employed in tourism and it is in a pretty healthy state as far as we can see!

The Mirabell Gardens and Palace are simply superb and offer picture postcard views of the Gardens and then the Castle at the far end. Visit Mozart's house before crossing across the Salzach river and you will find one of the finest old towns in Europe. Explore the alleyways as you pass shops, restaurants and end up in grand squares with monuments to the great man himself, Mozart. He is adored by the city of his birth and figures prominently around town. Check the local guides for concert recitals. You can also visit his house and museum and of course you can buy countless souvenirs whilst singing Amadeus, Amadeus!

You are never far away from a church and Salzburg has an abundance of them! Look up and you'll see a tall church spire in the distance somewhere. The Salzburg Cathedral is surrounded by three awesome town squares and is awe-inspiring when viewed from the inside or out.

Salzburg Cathedral is Amazing
Mozart monument in the old town Salzburg

The HohenSalzburg Fortress - Salzburg Castle

Built in 1077 and sitting proudly atop of Salzburg, the castle claims to be the largest fully preserved fortress in Central Europe. Today, eager tourists can reach the top by modern funicular railway that whisks you to the top in a few seconds. You can walk as well if you like climbing uphill! Once there, visitors climb more stairs to the top level where you can queue to take an audio-guided tour of the castle. The audio gives you lots of interesting facts as you move from room to room during the tour. The view from the lookout is exellent also. Afterwards, we took a seat in the open courtyard, ordered a few drinks and enjoyed the stunning views across the city and countryside.

Have a cold drink and admire stunning views from Salzburg Castle
Have a cold drink and admire stunning views from Salzburg Castle

Across the Top - Monchsberg

Salzburg is full of fantastic walks but our favourite walk is across the Monchsberg which offers stunning views of the city as well as stops at local cultural and historic sites. Start the walk from the castle and head towards the Museum of Modern Art where you can descend back into Salzburg or keep going towards the Brewery and Augustine Monastery at the far end. The rooftops of Salzburg at dusk are a beautiful sight.

Salzburg has stunning views from above
Salzburg has stunning views from above


After an enjoyable day walking around Salzburg, you may be wondering where to eat and what to eat. You are spolit for choice in Salzburg as there are eating and drinking establishments to meet all tastes. Fast food places abound around the southern side of the river near the Staatsbruke Bridge and you can't really go past a good Bratwurst in a roll with onions and mustard. For those wanting a taste of the traditional, there are fine dining restaurants everywhere that will serve up lashings of Goulash, Roast Pork with Dumplings, Sauerkraut and of course the Schnitzel. Dessert is rich and sweet and features the obligatory strudel and chocolate with praline and marzipan. You can even try Vienna's famous Sacher Torte here as well. For those seeking a beverage, there are numerous beer gardens and beer halls to quench your thirst plus Austria is of course famous for its quality coffeehouses which you can find all around town. For great nightime views of the old town and castle, head to the top floor bar of the Hotel Stein and bring your camera!

Salzburg is famous for dining, including Strudel
Salzburg is famous for dining, including Schnitzel

The Sound Of Music

Salzburg's other claim to fame is the setting of The Sound Of Music, probably the biggest musical of all time. Locals can't see what the fuss is all about (many have never seen the movie) but tour operators know a good thing when they see one. Tour buses roll relentlessly around town stopping at any site even remotely connected to the movie. The major locations are the Mirabell Gardens, the Gazebo in Hellbrunn Palace, the Abbey at Nonnberg and Leopoldskron Palace. If you're interested in taking the amazing Sound of Music tour and other tours around Salzburg (The Eagle's Nest, Berchtesgaden, Hallstatt, Globglockner) then book now via our special Salzburg's tour link. All tours booked help keep the website going!
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Take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg
Take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg

Where's the Salt?

Salzburg is a joy to visit and should be high on anyone's trip to Europe. Again many stay for one or two nights but you probably need five to seven nights to fully enjoy the city and its surroundings. Stay for the food, the beer, the history, the music, the castle, the musuems, the churches and that old town classic charm. You're sure to return!

Salzburg is an amazing place to visit
Salzburg is an amazing place to visit

Ryans Review of his trip to Salzburg

I decided to do some exploring outside of Slovenia this time. My original plan was to visit Vienna, but unfavorable train schedules forced me to look at Salzburg instead. I would NOT be disappointed. A four hour train ride from Ljubljana, Salzburg is a picturesque European city with many beautiful fountains, statues, churches, and small roads with no vehicular traffic. The mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress sits high on a hill above old town. Great views can be had from the terrace of the Hotel Stein across the Salzach River from old town.

After a walk around the old town of Salzburg, it was time to catch a bus to the Werfen Ice Cave. I had previously purchased a ticket for an excursion to the cave which is about a twenty minute drive south of Salzburg. The meeting point was at a terminal near Mirabellplatz which was used in a scene for “The Sound of Music.”

The Werfen Ice Cave is a must see for anyone travelling to or around Salzburg. A spectacular wonder of nature, the cave was formed by the Salzach river, which eroded passageways into the mountain. The ice formations in the cave were formed by thawing snow which drained into the cave and froze during winter. Since the entrance to the caves is open year-round, chilly winter winds blow into the cave and freeze the snow inside.

In summer, a cold wind from inside the cave blows toward the entrance and prevents the formations from melting. Unfortunately, I was not permitted to take any photos inside the cave. The hike up to the cave entrance is very physically demanding. It requires a long hike uphill on an unpaved path to get to the cable car station. After the cable car ride, ANOTHER long hike continues until the entrance is finally reached. The cave tour itself isn’t much easier. It is seven hundred steps up, and seven hundred back down inside the freezing cave. The beauty of the ice formations is well worth the strenuous journey to get there, however. The road to the ice cave circles around Hohenwerfen Fortress which is well worth stopping for photos, and even a visit if time allows.

Upon returning to Salzburg, I had time for another walk around town and a stop for a Stiegl beer before going back to Ljubljana via the night train in a surprisingly comfortable sleeper car.

Salzburg Werfen Ice Caves
Salzburg is an amazing place to visit

Top 10 Sights and things to do in Salzburg

1. Hohensalzburg Fortress (Salzburg Castle)

Salzburg's beautiful castle has magnificent views of Salzburg and the whole surrounding countryside. Choose to walk up or take the funicular, you can then take an audio tour to see the Castle rooms and then spend some time wandering the castle grounds. When you've seen everything, order a couple of drinks, grab a nice vantage spot and enjoy the views.

2. Sound of Music Tour and Sights

How can you resist the call of Do-a-Deer, a female deer? There are numerous guides that will show you every location where the movie was shot in and around Salzburg. If you are a big fan then you can spend time tracking down all the sites like the Gazebo and the Abbey. If you don't feel like walking you can also take a great Sound of Music bus tour through our tour partners in Salzburg!
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3. Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here in 1756 and you can visit his family home in central Salzburg. There is also a small museum there that features some of his instruments and documents. There is also a theatre highlighting his works and various exhibitions of the great man! You can also visit the house the family moved to later on. Naturally, Mozart is featured all over Salzburg, from tacky souvenirs to opera recitals and “Mozart” dinners.

4. Mirabell Gardens and Palace

Built in 1606, the Mirabell Palace is a beautiful building in the heart of Salzburg with sweeping gardens that culminate in stunning views of Salzburg Castle. Today the mayor lives here with his council colleagues and ceremonies and events are regularly held here. The gardens are a horticultural masterpiece and take note of the 4 beautiful statues that surround the fountain.

5. Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg's inspiring Catherdral was where Mozart was baptised and today you can admire the huge double towers and dome plus the amazing interior with its statues and organ. The site around the Cathedral is used for the beautiful Christmas Markets in December.

6. St Peters Abbey, Catacombs and Cemetery

An amazing site for a cemetery, bound on one side by the huge cliff-face where the Castle sits atop, you could spend hours here examining the headstones and iron grave markers in this peaceful space. The abbey is also spectacular and if you're lucky enough, you might see a choral concert taking place.

7. Monchsberg

This is a great place to see amazing views of the city. Take the elevator or walk across the top from the Castle, your camera will be getting a workout up here! The site is home to the Museum of Modern Art which is entertaining enough and there are lots of quirky art pieces in the grounds as well.

8. Hellbrunn Castle (Schloss Hellbrunn)

Not far from town, the Hellbrunn Castle houses the famous gazebo used in the Sound of Music and as such, busloads of tourists pull up every day to see it. The Castle itself is another beautiful building to visit and it is fully worth a half day visit. You can climb the tower for some nice views and a lot of people come to see the 'trick fountains' which can be a surprise for some! Finish off with some refreshments or lunch and admire the stunning garden setting.

9. Salzburg Marionette Theater

The Marionette Theater puppeteers are world famous and constantly travel the world performing various shows. The theatre in Salzburg is charming and they offer shows ranging from Wagner to Sound of Music to Mozart to Alice in Wonderland. Content is more suited to older children and adults although all ages will enjoy the skill of these master puppeteers!

10. Walking Around and Wining and Dining

Salzburg will claim to have the best and most varied dining in Austria but Vienna will have something to say about that as well. But it is true, there is a plethora of great places to eat as well as beer halls and wine bars. Where will you end up on your travels through this wonderful city? Explore the cobbled streets and alleyways and see where they take you. The top floor of the Hotel Stein for instance has great views at night, and the backstreets have seen many tiny wine bars spring up. Then there are always the local favourites like Alterfuchs where you can get an awesome Schnitzel and a few steins to drink it down with. Is this a great place or what?

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Tours in Salzburg

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