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Where is Slovenske Konjice?
Just before the mighty Pohorje forests wrap you into their hug, the doors to the town Slovenske Konjice, with the thousand-year-old square design, open in front of you.

The town of Slovenske Konjice is found just off the main freeway between Ljubljana and Maribor and lies under the northern slopes of the Konjiška Gora mountain and winegrowing hills of Škalce.

A kind medieval country town with six thousand inhabitants, it is laid amid mysterious Slovenske Konjice Mountain on one side and the sunny golden hills of Škalce on the other side. The town which was first mentioned in 1146, by the name Conouwiz and its numerous surrounding villages, is typical of the valley around the river Dravinja. Slovenske Konjice is the centre of the Dravinja valley which opens through beautifully fields towards Boč, Ptuj Mountain, Haloze and Drava field. The town is becoming a good model of kindness and tidiness. It was awarded with seven awards for the most beautiful excursion town and won the golden medal in the European competition Entente Florale.


Wines from Slovenske Konjice area are something special. The flavours inside these wines will satisfy all your expectations as they intertwine in perfect harmony. The poetry of local vintage wines is offered to be tasted in the town wine shop and other local wineries. The excellent quality of wines from the Konjice area is becoming a tradition, and a walk between sunny vineyard hills is a dessert for nature lovers!


The hills rise above the plains of the river Dravinja, the nicely cultivated fields, meadows and groves. The word hill in this area means more than elsewhere. It means kindness, sun, vine, tradition and life.

A walk along the wine road through the wine growing Škalce will give you pleasant memories no matter what season of the year or weather. The golden hills are a nature park; they are a gallery of well arranged vineyards enclosing a golf course with sweeping views of the town that touches them.

A stop in the Zlati grič wine shop is a stimulation and a reward at the same time. It is an experience in the excellence of Slovenske Konjice wines and home made dishes from the area.

The grapes are grown on about 1000 acres of vineyards which cover hills from the best known hills of Škalce and Polene to Žička gorca, Kraberk, Suhadol, Klokočovnik, Tolsti vrh, Lipoglav, Zbelovska gora and many others. The excellence of wines from this area has been proved through many different awards since 1994, when Zlati grič (Golden Hill Company) produced its first Viteško vino (Noble wine).

The nobleness of the wine can be felt in different white sorts and also in red sorts the queen of which is Blue Frankish. All sorts of wine go well with the selection of homemade dishes from around here. You need to take time to visit these places and to experience the diversity of selection in the way that you sense it. The memories that will stay are the promise that you will come again. You will be accepted kindly and leave in a good mood because happiness is hidden in the drops of wines from the Slovenske Konjice area.


From Ljubljana, take the main freeway to Maribor (A1) and turn off on your left at Slovenske Konjice which is about two-thirds of the way from Ljubljana.

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What Wine Varieties does Slovenske Konjice produce and what are they famous for?

White Konjičan is a blend of four varieties: Italian Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, White Pinot and Riesling.
Its gold-yellow colour with green shades looks very lively. The scent perceives pleasant blossomy and fruity notes. It is a very drinkable and harmonic wine, because White Pinot delivers a pleasant acidity, Müller-Thurgau fruitiness and drinkability. Italian Riesling construction gives Riesling its unique character, which is pleasantly fruity (influence of growing grounds) and characteristic only of the white Konjičan.

Konjičan Plus is a blend of five varieties: Italian Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, White Pinot, Riesling and Sauvignon. Golden yellow color with greenish hues. Its gold-yellow colour with green shades gives it an exciting colour. The scent perceives pleasant blossomy and fruity notes. It is a very drinkable and harmonic wine, because White Pinot delivers pleasant acidity, Müller-Thurgau fruitiness and drinkability. Italian Riesling construction gives Riesling its unique character, which is pleasantly fruity (influence of growing grounds), Sauvignon gives freshness and aroma of elder.


Other varieties produced include:
Welshriesling -
variety of Italian Riesling, scent distinguished by a wide range of fruit and blossom fragnance. Its taste is very fruity, harmonic and drinkable, but from here on, senses that indicate its width and fullness, continue. Characteristic is its pleasant acidity, which emphasizes a fruity taste in every drop that leaves a pleasant sensation and long-lasting aftertaste.

Rheinriesling -
A wine variety produced on selected grounds for various bottlings. Characteristic of all of them is the preservation of variety purity and mineral containment, a reflection of soil and position under the southern hillside of the majestic Pohorje. Wine complexity is given by smaller vine load, along with conscientious and attentive work of winegrowers and cellarmen. Wines are distinguished by harmony, freshness and drinkability , which is the result of acidity ratio and different sugar remains at different bottlings. Ripening in bottles gives wines an extra interest and selectivity.

Pinot gris -
Deep straw yellow color with pink accents, typical of Pinot Noir, which was cold macerated (12 hours). Fermentation at lower temperatures and grape must, squeezed from hand picked berries, gives the wine an open, fuity variety scent. Adjusted proportion between acids and sugars along with distinctive variety are felt at the first draught, continues into a medium long aftertaste. The wine is drinkable, youthfully fresh, smooth and one spoils themself with every taste.

Traminer -
The vines bare only one kilogram of grape, which results in a strong variety of characteristics and high sugar levels in grape extract. The wine boasts a delicate variety of fruity flavours. The taste is pure, rich and intense. Low acidity in combination with low sugars leaves a pleasant feeling of balance and harmony. It is ideal for immediate consumption, but it will taste just as well in years to come.

Sauvignon -
The exciting wine is distinguished by a typical Sauvignon flavour that is unique to southern Pohorje hillside grounds. Fresh herbal notes taste lively in the mouth with hints of currant. The intensive taste is completed with fresh juicy acidity and a long and pleasant aftertaste. It is very convenient for drinking within one or two years.

Chardonnay -
Yellowish-gold color at the beginning points to an interesting wine. Promising, fruity fragrance is released soon in the fruity-floral aroma that enchants. In the mouth it is pleasant, first impressions continue and completes the pleasant acid. Wine has freshness, fruitiness and is full, juicy and delicious. Ten percent of the wine was matured for three months in local barrique barrels, the rest in stainless steel tanks.

Special Wines:

Blue Franconian-
Blue Franconian has a very intense and concentrated deep ruby red colour. In its scent you will first notice fruity perceptions and afterwards it develops an aroma of roasting and spices. It feels lively in the mouth, balanced, full, and quite harmonic. Tannins are still juvenile, but guarantee quality wine development. Top-level Blue Franconian is ripened in a big oak barrel for nine months with preserved recognition and nobleness.

Rose Blaufrankisch-
They cool the grapes down to 8 degrees Celsius and gently squeeze them, so they keep their gentle aroma and freshness. Long lasting grape maceration is avoided to avoid excessive colour elimination. After alcohol fermentation the wine lies for a few weeks on fine sediments, which gives it additional body. The Wine is of a sparkling rose-colour, with an intense aroma. Fresh sourness is balanced with an elegant fruity and long-lasting aftertaste. It is appropiate for hot summer days and immediate consumption. It is best consumed within a 2 year period.

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Tours and Experiences around Slovenske Konjice

WINE TASTING IN Slovenske Konjice

Through our outstanding partners we can help organise an unforgettable private day tour to Slovenske Konjice. The tour can take in the amazing Zlati Gric estate and the rest of this exciting region. You could also combine Slovenske Konjice with one of the other nearby regions like Maribor or Jeruzalem or Bizeljsko, the choices are many!

Duration: Full Day Private Tours available on request
Where: Slovenske Konjice from anywhere in Slovenia
(including Ljubljana or Maribor)
Min./max. participants: 1-8. // Payment: TBA
Available year round subject to cellar availability.

Tour Review -
Ryan and friends

'Absolutely amazing tour! Our guide Tomas was outstanding! We started in Ljiblijunia and visited 3 areas within the north east wine region of Slovenia; Slovenske Konjice, Ptuj and Jeruzalem. At each winery we got to try a wide selection of wines and learned a lot about each vineyard and region.

The lunch we had at the Zlati Grič was some of the best food I've ever had and the view was breathtaking! Slovenia has a truly beautiful countryside. Tomas was so full of enthusiasm and had planned the tour perfectly. On the journeys between vineyards we got to know Tomas and learned a lot about Slovenia. The tour was great value for money and I couldn't have enjoyed today more! Great banter, great wine and beautiful surroundings!'

Accommodation around Slovenske Konjice have hand picked the best of the each accommodation category to make it easy for you to book!



The Wine Grower’s Mansion is a designated cultural heritage building and offer tastefully furnished apartments with vineyard views. Amid the Škalce vineyards there is the Zlati Grič restaurant. The restaurant serves gourmet cuisine and a wide range of wines. The centre of Slovenske Konjice is 800 metres away. At the golf course you get a 30% discount!



Boasting breathtaking views above the Dravinja valley, this charming hotel is the ideal base for all guests. Located in the centre of Zrece Resort not far from Konjice, its just 200 metres away from the Spa Zrece and 16 km from Rogla. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a range of active pursuits. Do some hiking or biking or try your hand at golfing or skiing.



Relax and have fun at the Pod Orehi! They offer an extensive selection of local food plus they have a sauna and jacuzzi! They also accept private groups for diverse gatherings in places with 10, 20 and 40 seats and summer garden . Enjoy walking in untouched nature and visit some of the attractions in the surrounding area like the nearby Spa.

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History - Climate - Soil
Škalce is one of the most beautiful and the best wine-growing lands. All of this falls under the Wine Region Drava-Maribor wine region, under the district slopes of Pohorje. In this area the vines were known to the Celts. and later the Slavs when they also realised the beauty of this land.

Slovenske Konjice has the oldest evidence of the existence of vineyards in the hills above Dravinjske and dates back to the year 1173 The general economic crisis in the years 1812-1818 covered the whole of Austria and also of course agriculture in the Dravinjske hills. As the price of wheat increased significantly, many wine-growers were forced to borrow funds or find themselves in trouble.

It was hoped that Agriculture would give new hope to the region so the rectory, landowners and farmers began to restore the vineyards. They started to plant quality grape varieties that had come from France. They are still well known: Riesling, Traminer, Muscat and Burgundy Wine ... So the quality was good and consequently the price! Winegrowers drank a little of their produce but most of the crop was sold. At the end of the 19th century there came a disaster. It was a new incurable disease from America - grape downy lice. Much of the crop was destroyed. It was said that most of the vineyards would not survive. Today we can boast that Slovenian wine-making is developing fast. But always in a way where the higher priority is quality rather than quantity. The wine is much better than it was in the time of socialism. In the region we have several different wine producers, such as: Golden Hill (Zlati Gric), Brumec Viticulture, Wine Celcer, Publisher Viticulture, Viniculture and Viticulture Podkubovšek Krošl. For someone to participate in the local wine community association, the wine must be of a superior quality, be appropriately packaged with a label and the wine must achieve a medal at the Radgonski Agri - Food Fair.

Local wines have also achieved some recognition at the Ljubljana Wine Festival. Vineyards producing Wines processed solely from grapes of their own have complete control over the processing and the quality of the grapes and then laterthe nurturing of the wine in the wine cellar. Harvesting is done mostly by hand in the area, from the vineyard to the wine cellar the grapes are transported only in special containers which hold up to 20 kg of grapes. This prevents undesired maceration, oxidation and eventual premature alcoholic fermentation. 80 percent of wine is white, while the rest represents Blaufränkish. This wine is distinguished by the freshness, aroma, fullness and harmony . Red wines are very fruity, dry, fresh and drinkable . Grapes grow naturally with minimal intervention and ripened until they contain the most expressive features and taste.

Locals wines like Konjiška wine have more than eight hundred years of tradition, which is confirmed in written sources in the French Order of the Carthusians Žiče Charterhouse ( 1164 ) Vines in the area are usually grown on medium/heavy sandy clay loam, which is reflected in the character of the wines . This typical type of wine is also assisted by the local climate, which includes an abundance of sunny days. In this group of quality wine growers, they produce a variety of white, red and blue Konjičan Frankinja.

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Nearby Sights - Day trips from Slovenske Konjice
Slovenske Konjice is heaven if you like the outdoors and nature. The surrounding areas abounds in stunning scenery and opportunities for all outdoor activities but especially hiking and biking plus skiing in winter.

Head north a few kilometres to the spa town of Zrece and a few kilometres further to the heights of Rogla Ski Resort. Pamper yourself at the spa and wellness facilities at Zrece and enjoy the freah air atop Rogla.

Head north-east and visit Maribor, Slovenia's 2nd city with the famous old vine and a very laid back relaxing vibe. There are lots more wineries to try in this area as well even within the city itself (Pyramid Hill). Maribor is also famous for the arts like music and dance.

Head east to the rolling hills of Ptuj and the surrounding countryside. Slovenia's oldest city is a delight to visit with great views from the castle. Further east is the amazing wine country of Ormoz-Jeruzalem and Ljutomer. A great day out.

Going south you can visit the charming city of Celje which has a famous history you can see at the castle and museums. Further south and you can visit Lasko where the brewery makes Slovenia's famous brand. It also has a great spa nearby at Rimske Terme.

South-east opens yet more fabulous sightseeing and wellness opportunities at Rogaska Slatina.

For a very full day you could also do the circle from Konjice to Velenje-Crna Na Koroskem-Mezica-Ravne na Korsokem-Dravograd-Maribor-Slovenska Bistrica-Konjice. A really beautiful drive with plenty of photo opportunities.

Slovenia's charming capital Ljubljana is a delight to visit so definitely make the trip as it is only an hour away.

This is a great location for a peaceful, relaxing holiday.

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