Piran's Top Attractions
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1. Piran - the town

The LowDown:
Some places can ooze charm without even trying.
Piran is one of those places.
Sitting snugly on its narrow peninsula on Slovenia's tiny coastline,
it is hard not to fall in love with this place.

With the Adriatic glimmering around it, Piran has a rich cultural heritage that is most heavily influenced by its time within the Venetian Republic.

The tiny peninsula and surrounding hillside is made up of rows of tightly compacted apartment buildings that cast shadows over narrow laneways which, like Venice, give Piran its charm.

Visitors spend their time lazily wandering the laneways, enjoying the temperate climate and Venetian architecture. Many will start in heart of Piran, Tartini Square and then gradually make their up to St George's Church where the views are stunning.

The walls (built to keep out the Ottomans many lifetimes ago), accompany you as you make your way down from the summit in search of a fine restaurant serving the freshest seafood.

What a great way to spend a day. Many will stay much longer than that!

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Piran is on the Slovenian Coast on the Adriatic Sea.
From the capital Ljubljana, take the A1 Freeway southwest towards the coast. Pass through Koper and continue onward to Piran. (1hr 30mins).
From Trieste, head south towards Koper (partially freeway) and then onwards along the coast to Piran.
From Istria, head north on the A9 and cross the border at Secovlje and head further north until you see the signs for Piran.
From Venice, ferries run during the warmer months,
see our ferry page for details: Ferry Page

Due to its location, Piran is not a car friendly town. If you do have a car, their is a large car park at Fornace which is 800m from Tartini Square, along the seafront. As you enter Piran, you will see the car park on your left as you come downhill and see the waterfront.
There is a regular shuttlebus from the car park to Tartini Square.
Other spots are extemely limited and hard to find around Piran and please beware that fines are high for parking illegally!
Piran Map Beautiful Piran, by Richard Huber.

2. Tartini Square

The Low Down:
Much like Saint Marks Square in Venice, Piran's Tartini Square is the town's focal meeting point.
Name after its most famous local, violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, it is a huge oval shaped affair, encompassed by beautiful magnificent buildings. These include the Town Hall, Court House, Council Buildings and private apartments.

The square sits on reclaimed land and a statue in honour of Tartini (1896) sits alone at one end.
The square comes alive at night, especially on hot summer days, with people embracing the surrounding restaurants and children and adults alike enjoying the space within the square.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
You cannot miss it, follow the main road into Piran until you reach the square.
Piran Tartini Square, courtesy of Ryan Callen

3. St George's Church

The Low Down:
Proudly towering above Piran, St Georges Church looks down over Piran and the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Built in the 12th century and subsequently renovated and embellished over time, the present site dates from 1637.
The fortified walls surrounding the hill remind us of a troubled past and the attmepts to keep out the unwanted.

The inside of the church is worth a look when open. There is a small museum on the southern side which connects to the church proper. Visitors can view the marble altars, the marvellous organ and the surrounding artwork, also found in the baptistry nexy to the church. The Belfry is a smaller version of the one in Venice and in the summer months you can usually go up and enjoy the wonderful views and take some great photos. Just beware that the bell usually chimes every 15 minutes!

Please beware that opening hours can be erratic and that there is a small admission fee.

Where is it\How to get there?:
The church can be seen from Tartini Square and you only need to walk beyond the square towards the church to find the paths leading up to the church.

Hello everyone!
Although the Slovenian coast is not longer than 43 km, it is worthwhile to discover it inch by inch…
One of the jewels of the Adriatic coast is of course the city of Piran.

Unfortunately it is hidden when coming in from Portorož or Izola and is also difficult to enter by car in peak season (lack of parking places and only expensive ones if you are lucky to find one!) and that's why many tourists may choose to avoid it.

One possibility is to park in the city garage which is situated approx. 10 minute walk from the centre (see right). Or you can park for free in parking places near Lucija and take the city mini bus which will cost you not more than 1€, but you can buy also cheaper ticket:
City traffic Piran ( Piran- Porotož- Lucija- Portorož- Piran)
Paid with cash on the bus / Bigliietto acquistato sull autobus EUR
Single drive / Una corsa 1,00
Presale / Prevendita
1 drive / 1 corsa 0,40
Tourist 20 drives / turistica 20 corse 6,00
Monthly tickets / Abonamenti mensili
Basic / Adulti 4,20
School / Alunni, studenti 4,20
Children / Bambini 4,20

Once in Piran, you shouldn´t miss:
* Town walls and the Punta ( peninsula of a city),
* Tartini square (in summer there are many cultural feasts),
* 1st May square (was once the city centre),
* Try some cocktails in pub "Teater Caffe" while watching the sunset and listening the waves.

For those who like to get up early, it is a great experience to meet fishermen coming back from work.
If you are lucky and early enough you can buy their fish in the city »mandracchio« (lagoon)…
You will be surprised how many churches Piran has, not all of them have mass and ceremonies.
The main church (above Piran) of St. George (Sveti Jurij)was bulit in 1608 and has a smaller copy of the famous tower bell in Venice.
The Interior of the church is worth seeing. If the weather is nice you can climb on the tower bell, but careful if the bell has to »ring« right when you are admiring the view :).

It is very relaxing to explore the city streets, which sometimes become narrow and then open up to some worthwhile places and structures.
Near the church of St. George you can find a convent of St. Francis which is a spiritual and cultural centre.
It is very special event to enjoy a concert of classic music in the open renaissance yard and while listening you can look above and you can see the sky with the stars;
It is known as one of the most acoustic places in Slovenia.

In the city you can visit museum of diving and also the aquarium (www.aquariumpiran.si) where you can meet lovely sea »creatures« paying 7€/ adult person.

You can get a refreshment at the mini beach at the beginning of the city, but even better is Fiesa.
From Tartini square it is about 20 minutes of walking, but it is worth of it (you can also hire a scooter or bike to make quicker).
In Fiesa there is grass where you can sunbathe and there is no fee for the beach. There is also a place for beach volleyball and also party games (paying fees).

In the Punta area you can enjoy diving and explore a very rich subworld, in this part of the sea there is the most deepest point in the Slovenian sea, called »Sea Triglav« (as the highest mountain in Slovenia).

Try to visit near Piran:
Salt pans in Secovlje ( and taste dark chocolate with Secovlje salt)
Beli Križ in Strunjan, Sauna park in Portorož (Lifeclass Hotel)
Casino' Metropol and one of the tourist farms in the countryside to taste real Istrian food

I hope you've enjoyed my tips for Piran. I come here often and sloveniaforyou.com hopes to see you here soon too :)
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