Ptuj's Top Attractions
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Ptuj is a haven for archaeological and architectural buffs. Slovenia's oldest town contains historical artefacts and architecture dating back from Roman, Medieval and even the Stone Age era. Visitors will enjoy exploring the old town and the wonderful views and museum from the Castle above. And don't forget the mighty Kurent festival if you're here just before the beginning of Lent! Set beside the Drava, Ptuj is another beautiful old town that is waiting for you to explore!
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1. Ptuj Castle

The main attraction in Ptuj is undoubtedly it's castle that towers over the small town and was a strategic vantage point dating back to 70AD.
Ptuj Regional Museum brings together a fantastic array of historical art collections and archaeological findings from various sites around Ptuj.
The area is rich in prehistoric sites dating back to the Stone Age and as an example, the region was also one of the biggest Mithraic centres in the Roman Empire.

The LowDown:
Entering through an enticing courtyard, the Castle grounds offer fine views of Ptuj and the surrounding area. The Castle's main attraction is the Ptuj Regional Museum which houses the main permanent exhibitions of various collections.
These include a collection of arms, musical instruments, an exhibition of a feuding dwelling culture, collection of shrovetide masks, collection of glass paintings, the Castle's own Gallery, The Sluga Collection, the Lords of Ptuj, the Leslie Family, the France Mihelic Graphics Cabinet and the ethnologic collection. There are also temporary exhibitions to admire.
You may purchase a ticket for the castle alone, or a combo ticket for the other related sites around the town.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
The Castle sits above the town centre and the River Drava. There is a car park on the corner of Raiceva Ulica at the rear of the castle and also a road a little further along that takes you up to the summit (Na Gradu off Raiceva Ulica). Of course you can also walk up the paths through Grajska Ulica and Presernova Ulica at the base of the castle.

Price List: Operating Hours:
Adults 5euros
Children 3euros
Students 4euros
Seniors 4euros
Families 15euros
Oct15-Apr30 * 0900-1700
May 1-Oct14 * 0900-1800
Jul-Aug (Sat&Sun) * 0900-2000
Closed Jan 1, Nov 1, Dec 25, Easter
Ptuj is in Eastern Slovenia Ptuj's Castle and Museum are a must-see.

2. Mithra Shrines

Mithraism was an ancient belief with it's origins in Persia and it was brought west by the Roman legions. Unlike the Roman religions which worshiped many Gods, Mithraism had a single deity. Mithras was a sun god who supposedly created the earth by sacrificing a bull. In it's time, Mithraism rivaled even Christianity!

The Low Down:
Ptuj is home to some of the finest examples of Mithra shrines.
Mithra I shrine is located in the village of Spodnja Hajdina and has two altars worth visiting. Across the river in Zgornji Breg is the Mithra III shrine which can be found in a small pavillion. Dating from the 3rd century are the remains of a temple and altars caved with inscriptions. Enquire at the tourist office on how to obtain entry to view the shrine. There may be a small charge as well. Mithras Shrines II, IV AND V can be found in the Dominican Monastery on the outskirts of town but it is under renovation at the moment so check ahead if you wish to visit.

Where is it \ How to get there?:
Mithra III shrine is located in the Ptuj suburb of Zgornji Breg, signposted on the Maribor Road (Mariborska cesta). Housed in a small pavillion, location of the entrance key is signposted on the door. Mithra I shrine is a few kilometers west of Ptuj in the village of Spodnja Hajdina behind Number 40.
Ptuj's Mithraic Remains

3. The Kurent Festival

The Kurent is Slovenia's most famous folklore event.

The Low Down:
It's roots in paganism, The Kurent is a combination of a fertility rite and a celebration of the beginning of spring. The event takes place through the main streets of Ptuj 10 days leading up to Shrove Tuesday (late Feb\early March) with Carnival Sunday being the main drawcard!

60,000 people flood into Ptuj to see the "Kurenti" who are dressed in sheepskins and sport horns or feathered headresses and leather masks.

On Carnival Sunday the precession led by the Devil (hudic) trapped in a net, walk between the houses to scare off the evil spirits of winter by waving wooden clubs and ringing cow bells. Pots are smashed for good luck and ladies hand over handkerchiefs to win favour from the Kurenti.

Where is it\How to get there?:
You will find all the action on the main streets of Ptuj.

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