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Snow Castle Festival (Gradovi Kralja Matjaža)

This 2 day Snow Castle Building Championship is great fun as teams try to outdo each other with traditional and outraegously wacky designs. Great for the kids but beware, competition between teams from Slovenia, Austria and beyond is intense and snow ball fights may result!

When: JANUARY (Annually)
Where: Crna na Koroškem
What: Traditional
Website: http://www.crna.si/gradovi_obrazec/


Kurentovanje (Pust)

The Kurentovanje is the most important traditional carnival in Slovenia. The origins of the event are unclear, but it is understood to have evolved from ancient pagan celebrations in the fields around Ptuj. The festival celebrates the ending of the darkness (wintertime) and the coming of Spring.

The central figure is the Kurent, believed to be an ancient god of hedoism, who is dressed up in sheep skin with a eloborate mask. The Kurent goes from door to door warding off the evil spirits of the darkness, welcoming the harvest season.

These days its a great excuse to let your hair down and go crazy for a week or so. A myriad of street performances and events are held and the event draws more than 100,000 people daily. The traditional carnival starts on the Saturday, more than a week before Shrove Tuesday, The event culminates on Sunday with the traditional international parade, and ends on Tuesday with the burial of the Carnival.

When: FEBRUARY (Annually)
Where: Ptuj and many other towns
What: Traditional
Website: http://www.kurentovanje.net/


Pruning Of The Vine

In late FEB/early MAR each year, Maribor holds the annual pruning of the worlds oldest vine.

The vine is reputedly 400 years old and each year the city of Maribor gives a graft as a present to another town or community as a sign of friendship and co-operation.

The grape harvest has also become a real city festival. Thousands of citizens of Maribor and prominent representatives of the state and of Diplomatic Corps and many others come to watch the grape harvest.

On average the Old Vine has yielded 35 to 55 kg of grapes yearly in the last decade. After fermentation the wine is filled into 2,5 dcl bottles which Oskar Kogoj artistically designs. Each year up to 100 bottles of wine made from the Old Vine are filled.

They are at the mayor's disposal for protocol. A Certificate with a serial number and the vintage year accompanies each bottle. The originality is guaranteed by the Maribor seal from the year 1520 and by the city vinedresser. Among others, pope John Paul II and the American president Bill Clinton were the recipients of the bottle.

When: LATE FEB-MARCH (Annually)
Where: Maribor
What: Traditional
Website: Visit Maribor Site

Planica World Ski Jumping Championship

Planica is the cradle of ski-flying. Since 1934 crowds of competitors have been coming to Planica to try and break the world record.

Over 60 world records have been broken in Planica, including the first jump over 100m in 1936 by the Austrian ski-jumper Seppa Bradl and the first flight over 200m by the Finnish competitor Toni Nieminen in 1994. The current holder of the world ski-flying record of 239m is Bjoern Einar Rumoeren who set the record at Planica in 2005. Come and join in the carnival atmosphere!

When: MARCH (Annually)
Where: Planica, Kranjska Gora
What: Sport
Website: Planica Website


St Georges Fair (Jurjev Sejem)

It takes place on the streets and squares of the town in April. Approximately 150 stalls from all over Slovenia gather at this fair to sell their wares to the public. On this day a Medieval market is also organized and shouldn't be missed!

When: APRIL (Annually)
Where: Ptuj
What: Traditional


Vinska Vigred

Touted by locals as the best Wine Festival in Slovenia, this cultural weekend party offers wine tasting, various exhibitions, stages with musical performances and the famous "baking of the flat cake" (belokranjska pogaca). The castle yard is alive with local produce and all in all, a good time is had by all!

When: MAY (Annually)
Where: Metlika
What: Traditional Wine Festival
Website: https://vinska-vigred.si/

Cerkno Jazz Festival

The festival venue is the square 'star plac' in the centre of Cerkno, covered with a large tent-roof for this special occasion. The programme presents various musicians and artists from all over the world, both established and unknown.

The festival prides it self on uncovering the current trends in jazz music as it emphasises the unconventional and creative. The festival also features Rock, electronic music, modern and old classical music, experimental music, various traditional types of music and much more.

Special attention is paid to the promotion of Slovene musicians and many bands and musicians make their first appearance in front of the public in Cerkno. The same is true for the number of foreign musicians who are invited to the festival. All Jazz Cerkno festival concerts are exclusive in Slovenija.

The festival programme is enriched by various workshops, exhibitions and similar event. The festival is also well known for its lively after-party. Because the festival team encourage visitors to live not only with music but also with the town and its vicinity, during the festival free camping is enabled. Hotel Cerkno offers festival package-holidays with attractive prices. Daily tickets from around 20Euros and around 27-40euros for all concerts.

When: MAY (Annually)
Where: Cerkno
What: Music Festival
Website: http://www.jazzcerkno.si/

Bohinj International Wildflower Festival

Anything you wanted to know about wildflowers and more can be found here at Bohinj! Organisers will have you tramping through fields rejoicing in the colours of Spring. Workshops, food, music, it's all here and everyone has a great time!

When: MAY (Annually)
Where: Lake Bohinj
What: Traditional Festival
Website: Wildflower Festival Site

Druga Godba World Music Festival

Primarily started in the socialist days as an alternative to the drab offerings served up by state run festivals, this festival has always prided itself as being on the cutting edge. It is usually accompanied by other art forms like film, poetry, lectures and exhibitions. Today, artists come from far flung places like the Comoros Is and Mongolia to perform and the crowds love it. Venues traditionally include the Križanke Stage and Klub CD but can change from year to year (likewise, the dates for the festival also).

When: MAY
Where: Ljubljana
What: Music Festival
Website: https://www.drugagodba.si/


Brda Festival of Cherries and Wine Days

The Cherry Festival is the biggest and most attention-grabbing cultural and tourist event visited by over 30,000 visitors from the local and neighbouring Italian and Austrian regions. This event is full of ethnological, cultural and sports events and entertainment for all generations. Numerous winemakers open the doors to their wine cellars. They will show the heart of their wine cellar and impress you with high-quality wines. They will share experiences with wine connoisseurs and give valuable tips about the art of winemaking.

The traditional Brda wedding found its place in the Cherry Festival in 2012. After several months of events, the winning couple promised each other the eternal love in a unique and unforgettable way. The newlyweds got married according to traditional Brda customs and habits, in costumes and in a ceremony with ethnological elements characteristic for Brda weddings between 1920 and 1930.

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Goriška Brda
What: Traditional
Website: Cherry Festival Website


Jurjevanje in Bela Krajina is the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia, which nurtures and preserves folk dances and songs with its 48-year-long tradition. However, it is also a modern festival, which skilfully combines tradition with modern views of folk music and entertainment.

The annual Jurjevanje begins with the arrival of folklore groups, and the opening of some accompanying handicraft and photography exhibitions. The event also includes performances of folklore groups from Bela krajina. The event, which welcomed around 12.000 to 14.000 visitors last year, will be accompanied by expert seminars and the festival of modernized folk music "EtnoFolk", "Jurjev marathon", numerous creative workshops, workshops for children, handicraft markets, and much much more.

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Bela Krajina
What: Traditional
Website: https://jurjevanje.si/en/

Idrija Lace Festival

The Idrija Lace Festival is dedicated to the traditional craft of lacemaking and is the largest international event in Idrija. The festival has been held intermittently since 1952 – in 2020, the festival, which will run from 19 - 21 June 2020, will be in its 39th year. The popular and highly visible event is the main promoter of Idrija lace. The event celebrates and preserves the tradition of (Idrija) lace making and encourages innovation in its manufacture and application. In recent years, the festival has, on the one hand, celebrated the traditions that embody Idrija lace, and on the other, through a varied programme of events and promotion, created a modern event that truly builds on the qualities and applications of lace: accuracy, skill, ingenuity and to encourage the festival's message of innovation and creativity.

The festival programme takes place over three days, from Friday to Sunday. During this period, the town is alive with lace, lace made items by children and grown-ups fill the streets and shop windows are decorated with lace. There are exhibits of domestic and foreign lacemaking artwork, and lacemaking shops will open their doors to many interested visitors. The festival starts on Friday with the official opening ceremony, and over the next few days, visitors can take part in specialist meetings, lectures, lace making workshops, creative workshops, lacemaking award ceremonies and selections for the best lace products in competitions. Alongside, the festival offers an interesting variety of arts and crafts, cultural events and entertainment for visitors of all ages. Sunday is the day for the national lacemaking competition, with adults' and children's' lacemaking competitions at various levels of difficulty, followed by selections for the best in each category and the awarding of certificates.

The festival is becoming a much more popular international event, through the involvement of foreign lace making centres, international craft and heritage projects, the participation of international guests and experts, and visitors from outside Slovenia. Add to your enjoyment of Idrija and the festival, by visiting the many technical, natural and cultural attractions that the area has to offer - the opportunity to taste Idrija's culinary specialties, especially the delicious Idrija žlikrofi at inns and restaurants in the town and in the surrounding areas - is not to be missed!

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Idrija
What: Traditional
Website: Idrija Lace Festival

Seviqc Brežice

Brežice Group Festival of Early Music — Seviqc Brežice presenting authentic early music concerts that encompass not only various European countries, but also spans the centuries. An umbrella project, it unites Festival Brežice with Klasika Kras, Klasika Slovenija and Klasika Dolenjska. Seviqc Brežice is said to be one of the world’s finest festivals of its kind. The concerts are presented in over 20 historical architectural venues that create the perfect atmosphere for this rich cultural event. Tickets need to be pre-purchased and a free bus runs from Ljubljana if you show your ticket.

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Ljubljana
What: Traditional
Website: Seviqc Brežice Website

Festival of Lent

Maribor really comes to life during the massive Festival of Lent every summer. Stages all over town come alive with local and foreign concerts of classical, jazz, pop and ethno music ,theatrical and dance performances,drama performances and puppet shows,sports events, creative workshops for children and Stand up comedy. Other events unclude the folklore festival, Jazzlent festival and Street Theatre Festival. Some events are free while others require you to purchase a ticket. Definitely worth a visit if you're near Maribor at this time of year. When: JANUARY (Annually)
When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Maribor
What: Traditional
Website: Lent Festival Website

Skofja Loka Medieval Festival

Skofja Loka is also abuzz with colour during their medieval festival. Craftsman from all over the region come to show off their wares. A unique opportunity to see the masters at work. Pottery, Calligraphy, Lacemaking, Baking, it's all here on show. games. Queues gather at the food market to sample local delacacies. Then of course, there are the colourful costumes of the medieval events. Admire fire eaters, jousters, swordsmen and more, all washed down with a local ale while singing medieval ballads with the town bard.

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Skofja Loka
What: Traditional
Website: Skofja Loka Medieval Festival

Ljubljana Jazz Festival

The oldest European Jazz Festival, the Ljubljana festival features top performers from all over the world performing at various venues around town like Cankarjev Dom, Križanke open-air theatre, CD Klub, Gala hall Summer Stage and Metelkova. Many concerts are free but the headline acts require a ticket purchase.

When: JUNE (Annually)
Where: Ljubljana
What: Traditional
Website: http://www.ljubljanajazz.si/index.php/en/


Ljubljana Festival

Ljubljana Festival is the biggest, oldest and most important festival in both Slovenia and the wider region. Over the years, it has become a way of life during the summer holidays for residents and visitors of Ljubljana alike; and for visitors not only from surrounding countries but from far beyond as well.

With its colourful cosmopolitan spirit, the festival contributes a great deal to the life and energy of the Slovenian capital, itself considered one of the liveliest cities in Europe. The main goal of the Ljubljana Festival has always been to present a carefully selected programme with outstanding performers who are driven by excellence, creative energy and a desire to provide audiences with the best possible performance experience. Indeed the Ljubljana Festival has become an important reference for artists, and they often come back to perform, sometimes again and again. Some years ago it was awarded the Golden Honorary Medal of Freedom – the highest award of the President of the Republic of Slovenia – for its value in organising and presenting national and international artistic activities. When: JULY (Annually)
Where: Ljubljana
What: Summer
Website: Ljubljana Festival Site

Festival Bled

Annual Music festival in Bled featuring some of the best classical acts in Europe and Worldwide. Listen to the best chamber music, violinists and quartets Slovenia has to offer!

When: JULY (Annually)
Where: Bled
What: Traditional
Website: http://www.festivalbled.com/home.html

Ana Desetnica

The Ana Desetnica international street theatre festival, held at various outdoor venues across Ljubljana for the 14th year running, will bring together a large number of street artistes, clowns, circus performers, jugglers, tightrope walkers, fire-eaters, musicians, "provocateurs", dancers and actors from Slovenia and abroad. The Ana Desetnica festival, which showcases contemporary trends in street theatre creativity, is remarkable for its well-defined artistic concept and its organizers' efforts towards complementing the vibrancy of city life in Ljubljana with the vibrancy of the festival.

When: JULY (Annually)
Where: Ljubljana
What: Theatre
Website: Ana Desetnica Website

Laško Beer and Flower Festival

Today Laško´s annual Beer and Flower Festival is rumored to be the most popular and frequented tourist event in Slovenia. Each summer the humble town with a population of barely 5,000 hosts more than 120,000 visitors during the five-day festival. The town´s small inns open their doors with earnest excitement and countless beer tents are pitched to help accommodate the merry and thirsty patrons.

Musical performances, a variety of events, and ample drafts make the event truly spectacular. Reputed to be the ultimate high point of the festival is the “craziest Saturday night’ ever! Attracting over 50,000 spectators the firework display makes the night truly memorable. Spectators watch in awe as thousands of fire rockets, launched from dual sides of the village from the Tabor castle and the Krištof hill, are said to “conjure up a magical atmosphere,’ in the antiquated town of Laško. Oh, and there are also flowers (everywhere!!!).

When: JULY (Annually)
Where: Laško
What: Traditional
Website: http://www.pivo-cvetje.si/en/

Bled Days Festival

Bled comes alive to the sound of concert music and market stalls as part of the annual Bled Days festival. The lake glitters with floating lights and their is an accompanying fireworks display to round things off!

When: JULY (Annually)
Where: Bled
What: Traditional
Website: Bled Days Website


Radovljica Music Festival

The oldest Slovenian festival of early music will feature both traditional compositions as well as works created recently under the influence of Medieval music. Concerts are held mostly in Radovljica but also in Ljubljana.

When: AUGUST (Annually)
Where: Radovljica
What: Music
Website: Radovljica Music Festival

Teran and Prsut Festival

The legendary Teran wine and the equally legendary Prsut ham are a very big deal here in the Karst region. So big that they have their own weekend festival every year. Come, enjoy the festivities and of course, partake in lots of Prsut and Teran!!!

When: AUGUST (Annually)
Where: Karst
What: Traditional
Website: https://www.teraninprsut.si/

Tartini Festival

Four week International Festival dedicated to the violinist Guiseppe Tartini who was born in Piran. Each year, a fabolous program of classical concerts are put on and in recent years the Tartini has spread to venues in Portoroz and Koper as well. Tickets can be purchased from the tourist agencies in Piran and Portoroz.

When: AUGUST (Annually)
Where: Piran
What: Music
Website: http://www.tartinifestival.org/home


The Old Vine Festival

The Old Vine Festival is a top tourist culinary-wine-cultural festival in Maribor and is the biggest tourist event in autumn with over 500 participants. It concludes with the harvest at the end of September and is a must-see if you are in Slovenia at this time.

When: SEPTEMBER (Annually)
Where: Maribor
What: Traditional
Website: Old Vine Festival page

Cows Ball Festival

Locals and tourists flock to see the spectacle of decorated cows parading through the dry waterfall, joined by herdsmen, dairy maids and cheese-makers. Festival stall-holders sell wicker work and wooden items, as well as local produce such as herdsmen's cheese. There’s also traditional Slovenian folk music and dancing, plus sling shooting, log-sawing and horse-shoe casting. The event takes place in Ukanc and includes an excellent programme with a band, folklore dances and wind band, visitors can also enjoy in great local food and drinks. This is a true Bohinj celebration, which you just have to experience and see.

When: SEPTEMBER (Annually)
Where: Lake Bohinj
What: Traditional
Website: https://tdbohinj.si/en/events/cows-ball/


Borstnik Festival

The largest theatre festival in Slovenia, several theatre groups compete for the "Borstnik Award". The festival normally lasts 2 weeks and includes groups from abroad as well.

When: OCTOBER (Annually)
Where: Maribor
What: Theatre
Website: https://www.borstnikovo.si/en/


St Martins Day Festival

St. Martin's Day marks the day when the must traditionally turns to wine. The must is usually considered impure and sinful, until it is baptised and turned into wine. The baptism is performed by someone who dresses up as a bishop and blesses the wine, this is usually done by the host. Another person is chosen as the godfather of the wine. The foods traditionally eaten on the day are goose and almost always home-made or store bought mlinci.

When: NOVEMBER (Annually)
Where: All over Slovenia
What: Traditional Wine
Website: St Martins Day Maribor site


Christmas Market, Ljubljana

The Christmas Market in Ljubljana is a collection of diverse and beautifully lit stalls extending along several blocks, at one point reaching across over a bridge and spreading along the opposite bank. The snowy air is warm with the scent of wine and roasting chestnuts.

Small children in knitted pixie-hats carry little candle-lit lanterns. A large troupe in Santa Claus costumes dance an energetic jig to the accompaniment of a string quartet. Stallholders sell cakes, chunks of fruit skewered and dunked into hot, molten chocolate, pretzels, exquisite homemade candles, woven baskets and furniture, and all manner of things fashioned from wood, from rocking horses and sleighs to bowls and wooden shoes. Ribbons and mistletoe are strung festively from eaves and cornices. Definitely a beautiful thing to see whilst in Ljubljana over Christmas.

When: DECEMBER (Annually)
Where: Ljubljana
What: Traditional
Website: Ljubljana Christmas Festival

Postojna Caves Nativity Scene

The Bible story of the Nativity is told in Postojna Cave by means of a series of tableaux in some of the most beautiful parts of the cave. Visitors can view the crib tableaux on their way through the Postojna underworld. An original contribution to the festive atmosphere is provided by 40 choirs from all over Slovenia and from across the borders. In addition to the manger, there will be a Christmas fair, chocolate fair and merrymaking in front of the entrance to Postojna Cave.

Where: Postojna Caves
What: Christmas
Website: Postojna Nativity Page

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