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Day tours/excursions off cruise from Koper port, Slovenia.
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Tours to Lake Bled are the most popular off cruise excursion from Koper!

Docking in Koper, Slovenia - The lowdown and what to do in a day with tours and trips from the port of Koper when coming off cruise!

I can see you now. You've booked your cruise and you're now hysterical with delight and conjuring up wild visions of yourself trampling around in exotic European ports. And why not? I would be too...But hang on a minute, one of the ports is some place called Koper in a country called Slovenia. I can now see a lot of people frantically googling Koper and Slovenia wondering where it is and how this place can possibly size up to the distinction of a Venice or Dubrovnik.

Well match them it definitely can! We're positive you will love Slovenia and be back for more. In this blog we run you through the various options and possibilities available to you after docking in Koper - Gremo naprej! (that's let move on!)

First of all, where to go and how much can you see in the time allocated? Well that depends how much time you have allocated but most cruise ships do the standard arrive 0800 and depart 1800 so lets use that as a base. Although small, it still takes time to get to and from locations in Slovenia so you are restricted by how far you can go from Koper and how you do it.

Tours to Piran are very popular off cruise excursions!

So, Where to go? Here's a list of the "must-see" tours off cruise:

Lake Bled - The jewel in the crown of Slovenia. A shimmering lake with an island in the middle and castle towering above. Also the furtherest away so 2 hours needed there and back.

Ljubljana - The oh so cool capital that you will fall in love with!

Postojna Caves + Predjama Castle - a great double bill that is sure to delight.

Skocjan Caves - UNESCO listed with a great big canyon to boot!

Lipica - for the horse lovers, this is definitely a must-do, see the famous Lipizzaner train and perform!

Piran and the coast - lunch by the seaside is always a good idea!

Wine Country - Goriska Brda, Vipava and the Karst are vino heaven!

Now you can go away and google these and see what tickles your fancy. When you have decided the next question is what is the best way to visit them? Let's have a quick look.

Photo of the cruise port at Koper, Slovenia

Ships tours

Of course you will have been given a list of tours offered by the cruise line. They offer the advantage of easy booking, priority at the port and a guarantee to be back on time but sometimes the prices can make you choke on your oatmeal. But if you find the price reasonable and like being on a bus with 50 other people, go for it!

Local Tour Operators

There will be local tour operators with stands on the pier as you get off the ship. If you haven't already pre-booked a tour you can book one here. Prices were once dirt cheap but now the locals have caught on with the market economy and prices have risen in the last couple of years. Still, with smaller groups of 8 in a minibus, this is a better option if you have a group or don't like big crowds.

To book a 8 seater van tour to sights like Lake Bled and Postojna Caves check our tour page:

Car Rental

Skocjan, Postojna Caves and the coast are only 30-45 minutes away so a car rental could be a good choice if you are not travelling too far. The roads are good so you shouldn't have any dramas. Our partners have an office in Koper so check the cars on offer with our link click HERE and use code SLOFORYOU when booking for the best rates!


If you visiting nearby sights like the coast, Trieste, Skocjan caves, Postojna caves or Lipica then a taxi is an option if you don't want to drive. They will charge the normal fee plus waiting time. There are a few taxi spots in the car park right opposite the pier otherwise walk through the town to the southern end of the old town and there is another taxi rank. see the map for the taxi rank locations.


The coast is only 30 minutes away so you can easily visit Izola, Piran and Portoroz by local bus. The main bus stop is quite a distance south of the old town but the buses often stop just outside the old town on their route. see the timetable HERE. Type in Koper and Piran for example.

You will find the tourist office and other details on this Koper Cruise port map

So there you have it, all about off cruise tours and excursions from Koper in a nutshell!

If you have any queries about what is best to see and how to go about it, of course email us at:

There is a lift and stairs up to the old town Koper

The famous Cafe Loggia is at the heart of Koper, stop for a coffee!

Koper has delicious ice cream and cakes!


Koper is a seaside tourist and commercial port in Slovenia, about 1.5 hours from the capital Slovenia. It is very close to the Italian border and large city of Trieste just north, and the Slovenian coast just west.


You will be giddy with excitement as you rush off to Bled and other beautiful places but if you have time at the end of your tour, the old town in Koper is a great place to explore and unwind. The main square houses the tourist info centre in the gothic Pretorian Palace. Just across the way is the tower which offers great views from the top. We also mentioned Loggia Caffe as a place to stop and enjoy a coffee.

The area west of the old town along the waterfront has many alfresco restaurants and bars serving pizzas and mixed grills, cold beers and cocktails. Wander the cobbled streets and enjoy the old town with an ice cream. One place we highly recommend are the cakes, coffee and biscuits from Slaščičarna Dehar near the main Titov Square. Tell him Sloveniaforyou sent you and have a great time in Slovenia!

Sloveniaforyou work with the best tour partners in Slovenia to offer quality off cruise excursions. The guides are well trained and know how to make your day the best of the cruise!

Book a tour here for your upcoming trip to Koper.


Book a car rental through our partners ATET in Koper, use SLOFORYOU as your discount code!

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ATET SITE would like to emphasise that we are not a Travel Agency and are only representatives for our tour operator partners and their tours as highlighted above. We only work with companies that offer quality and value so rest assured that you're in good hands when booking a tour with our partners through
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