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Piran is a beautiful Venetian town that will enchant you with its cobbled laneways that ultimately lead to the magnificent Tartini Square, watched over by St Georges Church. Everybody loves the seaside and we are sure you will fall in love with Piran too!

Why should I visit Piran?
Top things to do / Sights / Attractions in Piran
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Best Accommodation in Piran
Top Events in Piran
Sample Itinerary Ideas and tips for Piran
Our Users reviews, tips and recommendations for Piran
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Why should I visit Piran, Slovenia?

Some places simply ooze charm without even trying. Piran is one of those places. Sitting snugly on its narrow peninsula on Slovenia's tiny coastline,
it is hard not to fall in love with this place.

With the Adriatic glimmering around it, Piran has a rich cultural heritage that is most heavily influenced by its time within the Venetian Republic.

The tiny peninsula and surrounding hillside is made up of rows of tightly compacted apartment buildings that cast shadows over narrow laneways which, like Venice, give Piran its charm.

What a great way to spend a day. Many will stay longer than that and why not?

Welcome to Piran!
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Top things to do / Sights / Attractions in Piran, Slovenia


The LowDown:

You've unpacked your suitcases and now excitedly head out the door to explore beautiful Piran.

Spend your time lazily wandering the cobbled laneways, enjoying the temperate climate and Venetian architecture.

Naturally many will start in heart of Piran at Tartini Square and then gradually make their way up to St George's Church where the views are stunning.

The walls (built to keep out the Ottomans many lifetimes ago), are worth a visit before making your way down from the summit in to choose fro the many restaurants serving the freshest seafood!


The Low Down:

Much like Saint Mark's Square in Venice, Piran's Tartini Square is the town's focal meeting point.
Named after its most famous local, violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, it is a huge oval shaped affair, encompassed by beautiful magnificent buildings. These include the Town Hall, Court House, Council Buildings and private apartments.

The square sits on reclaimed land and a statue in honour of Tartini (1896) sits alone at one end.
The square comes alive at night, especially on hot summer days, with people embracing the surrounding restaurants and children and adults alike enjoying the space within the square.


The Low Down:

Proudly towering above Piran, St George's Church looks down over Piran and the gulf of Trieste.

Built in the 12th century and subsequently renovated and embellished over time, the present site dates from 1637.
The inside of the church is worth a look when open. There is a small museum on the southern side which connects to the church proper.

Visitors can view the marble altars, the marvellous organ and the surrounding artwork, also found in the baptistry next to the church.

The Belfry is a smaller version of the one in Venice and in the summer months you can usually go up and enjoy the wonderful views and take some great photos. Just beware that the bell usually chimes every 15 minutes!


The Low Down:

The city walls above Piran could have possibly been started as far back as the 7th century but today they provide tourists with a great view of the town and sea beyond.

The eight defensive towers gave name to the different sections of Piran and it is possible to walk along several sections of the wall (with entry fee!) but beware it is quite narrow and headspace is limited in some areas!

Day Tours from Piran



A no-brainer during the holiday season!
If you haven't been then of course you must visit Venice. And you can on this day trip from Piran. The sight of Venice as you enter from the Adriatic will be unforgettable!


Best Accommodation in Piran

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Top Events in Piran

There is always something happening in Piran all year round, especially in the summer months.
Here is a calendar of the major events. You may want to plan your holiday to coicide with these events!

APRIL - Piran Saltpans Festival/Feast

The Saltpans Feast is one of the most memorable events held in Piran and takes place at the end of April (usually the last weekend in April including Friday). With the new season of salt gathering beginning on St. George's Day, Piran comes alive with live music, salt-evenings, salt-dinners, a trip to the Piran Fair and a visit to the Saltpans Museum, an afternoon at the spa (salt, fango), the St. George procession in Piran and, of course, a visit to the salt pans in Secovlje.

The festival aims to recreate the preparations for salt harvesting, which was for centuries the most important source of income for the whole town. Tartini Square in Piran again takes centre stage where you can visit the previously mentioned fair dedicated to guess what? Salt!. The fair is complemented with a rich cultural programme including performances of folklore groups, musicians and presentations of a saltpan family. There are workshops for children as well.

JULY/AUGUST - Piran Summer Festival

In July and August each year, organisers put on the annual Piran Summer Festival which has a full program dedicated to music, opera and ballet! For example, the Portorož Auditorium organises the The International Festival of Chamber Music which is otherwise known as "Piran Musical Evenings". What a way to spend a summer's evening for lovers of chamber music and classical concerts. One of the favourites is the Solisti Piranesi Chamber Orchestra. Again Tartini Square gets all the attention and thrills tourists from all round the world.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER - Tartini Festival

The Tartini Festival is an international music festival dedicated to who else but the Piran-born maestro Giuseppe Tartini. The founders of the festival have been on a mission to bring eminent, world renowned performers to Piran and the Slovene Istria. Guests and lovers of classical music will be able to enjoy performances by distinguished ensembles and soloists from Slovenia and abroad!

Click HERE for more info

Sample Itinerary Ideas and tips for Piran

Piran is a great place to relax and to explore the coast of Slovenia. Here are some suggested itineraries and ideas:

Piran in one day -
After breakfast, take a leisurely walk up to the walls of Piran for stunning views of Piran and the sea.
Continue on the road to Fiesa where you will find a small and pleasant lake at Fiesa.
Have lunch in Fiesa at the Hotel Fiesa or similar.
Walk back along the path to Piran.
Explore the cobbled laneways of Piran, it is possible to get lost!
Go up to St George's Church and view the church and climb the belltower for amazing views of Tartini Square.
Find a nice spot in Tartini Square for an afternoon glass of wine or beer.
Pick a restaurant for dinner on the waterfront, superb!
Enjoy an after dinner stroll and nightcap at a bar with locals.
Super day!

Piran in two days -
Day one as above.
Day two - Take the walk along the boardwalk to Portorož
Stop at Bernadin for a coffee along the way. Explore Portorož, have lunch at a seafront restaurant
Take the bus or taxi to Koper and explore the old town.
Take a bus or taxi to Izola and enjoy a late afternoon drink along the marina.
Return to Piran
Dinner at one of Piran's numerous restaurants.

Piran in 3-7 days -
Days one and two as above
Days three-seven -
Organise a visit to the Sečovlje Saltpans, not easily accessible without car or bike but worth it!
Organise a visit to the Istrian Hillside villages and try local wines and olive oil in towns like Padna
Drive along the hillside villages for stunning views of the coastline below.
Day trips to Venice (ferry- see tours), Trieste, Skocjan caves, Lipica are possible as they are quite close.
Even trips to Umag and Rovinj in Croatia are possible seeing they are quite close!

Our Users reviews, tips and recommendations for Piran

- Climbing to the top of the belltower at st George's Church is a must-do for stunning views. Just note that the stairs leading up to the bells are rickety, narrow and the top is very cramped also. Of course beware that the bells do ring whilst there! :)

- In Piran, parking is only allowed for the inhabitants of the town if they have a special permit. In order to drop off visitors and luggage, the town may be entered free of charge for a period of 15 minutes. When coming down the hill approaching the town, there is a car park called Fornače on the left hand side - if you continue you will be met by boomgates and a checkpoint where validation is required to enter.

- With a nice terrace and antique furnishings, a great place to watch the sunset and listen to the crashing waves is the Teater Cafe.

- For those who like to get up early, it is a great experience to meet fishermen coming back from their work. If you are lucky and early enough you can buy their fish in the city "mandracchio" (lagoon).

- Near the church of St. George you can find a convent of St. Francis which is a spiritual and cultural centre. It is very special event to enjoy a concert of classic music in the open renaissance yard and while listening you can look above and you can see the sky with the stars; It is known as one of the most acoustic places in Slovenia.

- In the city you can visit museum of diving and also the aquarium ( where you can meet lovely sea "creatures"

- You can get a refreshment at the mini beach at the entrance to Piran, but even better is Fiesa. From Tartini square it is about 20 minutes walk, but it is worth it (you can also hire a scooter or bike to make quicker). In Fiesa there is grass where you can sunbathe and there is no fee for the beach. There is also a place for beach volleyball and also party games (fees).

- In the Punta area you can enjoy diving and explore a very rich subworld, in this part of the sea there is the most deepest point in the Slovenian sea, called "Sea Triglav" (as the highest mountain in Slovenia).

Did you know? Fun facts for Piran

1. The main square in Piran was originally under water and was filled in around 1894.

2. The 1st of May square was the original administrative hub and all the main roads meet here.

3. The courtyard at the covent at St Francis is used for concerts and is rated as having the best acoustics in Slovenia!

How to get to and from Piran

By Air - Flying into Slovenia

A list of current destinations servicing Ljubljana Airport can be found HERE.
These include the long standing destinations of London, Paris, Frankfurt and Istanbul but new services and seasonal services will differ from year to year.

From Ljubljana Airport into Piran


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From Ljubljana to Piran


BUS: To reach Piran centre from Ljubljana, then check the local bus timetable HERE
Some buses will go onwards to Piran, or you could also go to Koper and connect with another bus there as well.
TRAIN: To reach Piran from Ljubljana you can catch a train to Koper then bus/taxi to Piran, See the timetable HERE TRANSFER: To reach Piran centre from Ljubljana, use our GoOpti link for the best rates.
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From Venice/Venice Airport to Piran


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From Trieste to Piran


TRANSFER: To reach Piran centre from Trieste, use our GoOpti link for the best rates.
BUS: To reach Piran centre from Trieste, then check the local bus timetable HERE
Some buses will go onwards to Piran, or you could also go to Koper and connect with another bus there as well.
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From Pula/Poreč/Rovinj to Piran


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BUS: To reach Piran centre from Pula/Poreč, then check the local bus timetable HERE
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Piran Weather

Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Max Temp. (C) 8 10 13 16 20 25 29 29 25 20 15 10
Max Temp (F) 46 50 55 61 68 77 84 84 77 68 59 50
Min Temp. (C) 0 0 3 7 10 14 16 16 14 10 5 2
Min Temp. (F) 32 32 37 45 50 57 61 61 57 50 41 36

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