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Wine region map of Slovenia

Our Complete Wine Guide to Slovenia


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Dober dan and good day!

If you've found this page then we know you're looking for a great wine holiday in Slovenia which will involve sampling the best wine & food and seeing some amazing wine country along the way!

Sloveniaforyou has compiled the most complete guide to everything wine in Slovenia, even esteemed global wine site Jancis Robinson agrees!

This will be a holiday to remember as you enjoy the Slovenian hospitality at a pace where you can slow down and totally relax. Stress is not in the holiday vocabulary!

Now sit back and plan your wine holiday with Sloveniaforyou as we take you through our available options!


Bizeljsko / Dolenjska
Goriška Brda
Slovenske Konjice
Vipava Valley

Wine road region map of Maribor-Podravje

Where to go?

Where to go? - How do we decide which wine region to visit in Slovenia?

So we've heard Slovenia has some great wine country and wine! Which wine region in Slovenia do we visit?

The good news is all of Slovenia's wine regions are set in stunning locations and each location is unique so no matter what choice you make you will have a great experience! So good in fact that you'll want to return and try them all!

So that is the first dilemma for someone planning a wine holiday in Slovenia. Stay in one region and really immerse yourself there or perhaps try a few regions? Of course it will also depend on your length of stay. If you have more than a week then you are definitely able to spread your time over several locations.

Here is a brief description of each region to whet the appetite. Then browse each region by clicking on our links below and see what takes your fancy. Our pages will highlight the types of wines produced in that region paired with our recommended accommodation choices and tours. Na zdravje!

When to go?

When to go? - How do we decide when to to visit in Slovenia?

Don't stress, Slovenia is a year round destination for wine tourism, but the best seasons to visit are Autumn and Spring.

During these times of the year you will see most of the big events and festivities taking place, such as wine fairs, festivals, gastronomic presentations and workshops.

Spring is beautiful, because nature awakes and everything is in bloom.

During summer it is nice to combine wine tourism with visits to the beautiful coastal towns and a chance for swimming and enjoying the sun. Inland it can be quite hot, so finding a cool, shady spot with a glass of vino is always a good idea.

September is an ideal time to visit as that is when they are harvesting the grapes and you too can take part in the process.
A lot of the tourist farms and wineries will allow (sometimes expect!) guests to put their boots on and head for the vineyards to help collect the grapes ready for pressing.
Harvest time is an enjoyable experience and is a highlight of many guests trip. Try the final product later, its unbelievable!

The last of the summer sun makes for beautiful evenings. Relax and enjoy local produce and of course local wines!

Sit back and learn of the Slovenian way of life amongst spectacular wine country. For cityslickers, it is definitely a change of pace. What a great way to spend a holiday. Your desk job will feel like a million miles away, at least for a few days!

Winter in Slovenia is also magical. Places like Ljubljana Christmas Market are vibrant and joyous and the Mulled Wine is sure to be flowing.

Maribor celebrates with the Pruning of the Vine in FEB/MAR. The famous vine is the oldest in the world at over 400 years old!

In November the whole of Slovenia celebrates St. Martin's Day, the traditional day that symbolises the must turning to wine. The must is usually considered impure and sinful, until it is baptised and turned into wine. The baptism is performed by someone who dresses up as a bishop and blesses the wine; this is usually done by the host. Another person is chosen as the godfather of the wine. The foods traditionally eaten on the day are goose and home-made or store bought mlinci (traditional flatbread).

Whenever you decide to visit Slovenia, you will be most welcome!

Jack visiting and wine harvesting in Brda!

Wine Regions of Slovenia

See which regions interests you and then click to find out more!

Whites to reds ratio for the Bizeljsko Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

Bizeljsko/Dolenjska is a complete surprise and delight.
This is the home of the famous "Cviček", the mysterious "Repnice" and spectacular Sparkling Wines.
Click HERE to visit our Bizeljsko/Dolenjska page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Goriska Brda Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

Slovenia's answer to Tuscany is a no brainer.
Goriška Brda is home to fabulous whites like "Rebula" and "Pikolit". It is also known for Orange Wines!
Click HERE to visit our Goriška Brda page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Istra Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

The lure of the sea and quaint hillside villages invites you to discover quality local reds like the luscious "Refošk", "Cabernet Sauvignon" and crisp whites like "Malvazija".

Click HERE to visit our Istra page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Jeruzalem Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

The rolling winehills of Jeruzalem are spectacular and its all about the whites here like "Beli Pinot", "Reisling" and "Traminec". Visit today, you will be back for sure!

Click HERE to visit our Jeruzalem page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Karst Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

Limestone in the soil makes wines from this region something special and the mighty red "Teran" is definitely that! Also famous for their "hrami" or wine cellars cut into the local stone.

Click HERE to visit our Karst page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Maribor Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

Maribor is famous for the oldest living vine and some of the best wine festivals in the country. Its all about the whites here like "Reisling" and "Muscatel" and the odd red like "Blaufranksich".

Click HERE to visit our Maribor page.

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Whites to reds ratio for the Slovenske Konjice Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

We love it because of the beautiful hillside vineyards arranged in perfect lines. A favourite is the local "Konjican" blend of Reislings and White Pinot. A beautiful part of Slovenia!

Click HERE to visit our Slovenske Konjice page.

Whites to reds ratio for the Vipava Valley Wine Region - Sloveniaforyou Why visit this wine region?

A hot-spot for wine tourism, passion is in the vine here and you will love trying local varieties like whites "Pinela" and "Zelen" and reds like "Pinot Noir" and "Syrah". Don't wait, explore now!

Click HERE to visit our Vipava Valley page.

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